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The Arts!: Samhain Edition

So, here is the Samhain Edition! However, here is the hitch: There’s almost nothing to write about. There’s the magick tag on the Black Witch tumblr for the most part. I’ve written about this, there’s not much out there. Soooooooooo, that means unless there are actual books and/or sites, there’s no more Samhain Editions of […]

Alright, it’s The Arts!: Samhain Edition! Here, I am posting more witchy based creative materials that you can use! Don’t forget, you can still submit to Samhain Pickers to win a chance for a free divination reading from me, Black Witch! Want to send in an entry form? All info will be at the bottom […]

Alrightee, folks time to continue the very last American election coverage on Black Witch and get something for Samhain underway. And don’t forget Samhain Pickers and the Ustream chat on Halloween, that’s at the bottom! Let’s Take a Vote Alright, American readers, things are going down to the fine line as the election is less […]

It’s that time again! It’s The Arts:! Samhain Edition! Before we start, I would like to say all the Samhain Pickers winners will be read for this week! And don’t any of you forget of the annual Black Witch Samhain vcast chat at 9 PM EST (sorry trick-or-treaters). Fun and hijinks! May even star my cat! (Seriously. […]

The Establishment (AfroPunk) Version Alright, this The Arts is the Samhain Edition, where I list out great books, sites and resources for Paganism, Witchcraft and finding like-minded individuals! Expect this to be yearly, there’s always new content! Have something to suggest? Lemme know! But first lemme kick things off with the winners of my first divination […]

This is Ask Black Witch, let’s get started. It’s a little late this time because of head cold, food poisoning (second in my life and within two years. Avoid the Rainbow Roll sushi at the Library of Congress’ Madison Café), and cramps all at pretty much the same time. That takes a lot out of […]

The Arts!

The Establishment (AfroPunk) Version Here comes The Arts! How have you been liking them so far? Been a blast for me! Let’s get this show on the road shall we? Starting with the third Wondaland feature! All the Wondaland Arts Society features have been simply wonderful! First Janelle Monae, then photographer Nastassia Davis! Who’s Wondaland […]

Wooo, I didn’t really get any major questions this month (odd, given it is October), but either way, woo. I didn’t do a The Arts! Samhain Edition because I haven’t seen anything good as it pertains to Paganism. It’s been like that for a while. Tomorrow, I will be doing a keynote speech at Dawtas […]

Late as heck but ABW is here, yay! Hi my name is Jonte and I am reaching out to you on a very serious situation I have been dealing with for the last 3 years straight.  I am getting harassed by spirits 24/7 and I can actually feel them attaching to me.  They enter my […]

Sorry I’ve been so terribly afk* this month. With my EEOC issues and the fact that it’s a pretty not fun month to be Black, I really haven’t been writing much. And there’s also the fact I’ve been playing Pokemon Go a lot. And just discovered My Chemical Romance has an update for September 23rd, I […]