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Good afternoon . My name is Jasmine. I’ve read your blog a few times and I love your self expression and openness . I have been interested in paganism for sometime ..I just don’t know where to start..I would like to become a witch but not a wiccan. I really like like idea of hoodoo […]

Good For You

Alright, before we get started, may I remind you that there is the Samhain Pickers that is currently going on. If you would like to win free divination from me, please send an email with “Samhain Pickers” in the subject line to thisblackwitch[at] and make sure you put this in the body of your email: […]

Nothing New

Now, it’s October, so that means it’s time for me to start thinking about what witchy books to suggest for The Arts!: Samhain Edition. However, there’s one problem: I haven’t been reading any magick books as of recent. It’s just that the books on metaphysics I have come across aren’t really good. They’re too new […]

This Ask Black Witch answers questions from both March and April since I couldn’t do an ABW last month due to the Stuck in my Head series. Remember, good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Let’s get started! I have been practicing for 20 years now and for the first time I have come […]

Hello, I just want to begin to learn about Wiccan/Pagan. I am Christian right now but I don’t feel very connected to Christianity. I love the earth, nature, stones, stuff in that nature. I just want to know where is a good place to start a Wicca/Pagan practice? I don’t know what to look for […]

It’s Ask Black Witch, where you ask me questions! Good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Let’s get started! Hi, I am also a African American woman who practices witchcraft but I consider myself a Christian witch choosing to worship god in a feminine and masculine aspect as my only divine energy…. Do You […]

Is That So?

Y’know, I was going to write about Black representation in media regarding supernatural theme shows, then I thought, “Nahhhhhhh, I’ll write about Black culture and its relationship (or lack thereof) with mental illness.” Newp. Instead, I’m going to write about erasure of identity, thanks to a conversation I had online. One of the worst things […]

Snake Oil Magick

So, I was checking the Black Witch email’s junk pile because, hey, I like keeping the inbox orderly and you never know when a random Ask Black Witch question or important email winds up there. This time, I got a lol’ler coaster. So this email was titled “Gain the Ability to Create Your Own Destiny!‏” […]

Ask Black Witch

It’s this month’s Ask Black Witch! Where readers ask me questions and I answer them! Huzzah! And, remember, it’s real easy to submit questions but beware: Good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Let’s hop to it! I want to become a pagan, but I don’t know how to tell my family. They are […]

Coming out of the broom closet – revealing that they are a Pagan or a Witch – is not an easy thing to do. I am all for someone coming out of the broom closet – revealing that they are Pagan/Witch – but please keep in mind, it’s just as risky as coming out of […]