Black Witch is a blog/column from AfroPunk to discuss life from a Black Pagan’s point of view.  This blog mainly is to serve as the external port of its AfroPunk counterpart. This blog will cover a variety of topics from music to race to religion to social politics and what it is like to be a minority within a minority. While this blog is intended to reflect and serve African-American Pagan culture, I would like to say that this blog should be able to provide information and insight to anyone regardless of background. In other words, you don’t have to be Black or Pagan to read this blog but you do have to have an open mind.  Please visit my personal blog to get to know me better, but if you would like to contact me for anything please do check out the Black Witch Network & Contact Info page.

If there are any issues with the Black Witch blog such as formatting or difficulty of use, please do e-mail. Sorry that the comments are closed for this page, I don’t think I would check them! Emailing would be swifter.

If you have any issues with me being a Black Witch, feel free to contact me, it’s what I’m here for and if the question is very good, it will be featured on my monthly installment, Ask Black Witch.

As for the commenting system, it is moderated (sorry about that folks, it’s a WordPress default and for the nature of this blog, I thought, “Meh, why not?”). I approve every comment I get, good or bad, it’s just the spam that gets blammed so don’t worry. If you comment, it will be approved shortly, just be patient and I do see them all. And once approved, you don’t have to wait for approval again, just post.