On this page will be two things: The press Black Witch has gotten and the other works I have done that are non-Black Witch related. Press is awards I’ve won, interviews I’ve done, press I have gotten, etc etc. It’s all small now but great to have a spot to fill up.

African American Wiccans Society New Year’s Interview (Jan ’11, New Year’s)
Black Weblog Awards 2011 Nomination (Faith Category)
About.com, Pagan Blogs
Black Blog Catalog (Culture and Religion)
Daughters of Eve Interview
The Pagan Blog Directory
The Sunshine Show (Nov 23, 2011)
Black Pagan Interview
Celebrating The Diverse Spirituality And Religion Of African-Americans (Huffington Post, 2014)
Pagans Musing Podcast: Crystal Blanton and Shades of Ritual (July 28, 2014)
Culture and Community: The Significance of Black History (The Wild Hunt, February 28, 2015)
Feminist Killjoys Ph.D podcast (October 3, 2017)
“Moon Daughters” Alt-Black podcast (November 6, 2018)
What It Means to Be a Real-Life Witch (Nerdist, Oct 25, 2019)
“Chatting with Black Witch” Burn Out Brighter podcast (December 20, 2020)
Virtual Reality Dating (ft. Black Witch!) (February 3, 2021)

Other Works
Keep Sharp, Stay Black: Black Skinhead” (Afro-Punk, alternatively titled “An Oxymoron’s Dream”)
Lolita and Self Defense” (Sucrerie magazine)
Graveshift, A Family Affair” (Afro-Punk)
Renee Ruth – How It All Started, And What’s To Come” (Afro-Punk)
“Missing in the Picture” (Shades of Faith anthology, edited by Crystal Blanton)
Preoccupied with an Empire State of Mind” (Afro-Punk)
Occupy The Hood: Reflecting All of the 99%” (Afro-Punk)
Femi The DriFish Wades Into New Music Frontier” (Afro-Punk)
“Do You Even Know Me?” (Shades of Ritual anthology, edited by Crystal Blanton)
The Sister are Alright, edited and written by Tami Winfrey Harris
Masking the Issue, part 1 (Temple University, representing NIH – Aug 2020)
Masking the Issue part 2 (Temple University, representing NIH – Oct 2020)