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Hi so I met this guy called Guy McGee* through a Youtube channel, I know bad and he only has like 10 videos and they are all Music because he is in a band and he plays the drums but the first time I saw him I couldn’t take my eyes off him so we then became friends on Snapchat and then Facebook.
But we spoke once and I felt a real connection to him and I don’t wanna tell him coz he’ll think I’m weird but also he lives in a different country as well and I really wanna know there is anyway that he feels the same???? Plus if there is anyway that we will talk more??? and if there is anyway that we will become friends or more????

This has been playing on my mind for a long time and it has been driving me crazy I didn’t wanna it was past life even though it could be and I know this a lot but I would really love it if you could answer them. So thank you for reading it even if you do think Im crazy. 🙂

Hi so long story short I met this guy Called Dude McGee* he’s 18 and lives in America and I’m 17 and l live in the UK we have spoken once before. And I have had the odd message every now and then but I really like him and I don’t think he feels the same. I have had fights with friends and over this and lost my bested friend because of it. The main reason because I didn’t tell her. But he’s on my mind nearly every second of the day and I don’t know what to do. So if you could help I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

I forgot to say that he’s a lead singer in a band and I know it sounds bad and its meant to be that way but I feel like I met him before as well like in a past life and I feel in way drawn to him it’s probably my mind playing tricks bit that’s how I feel and I find it hard to explain

Hello I have a development to my concern he has started to talking to my friend a lot and he was the first one to pop up. So maybe he wasn’t for me but I have liked him for ages but she had a boyfriend but I have no clue what to do

– Genni M.

Firstly, the (*) is to imply that I’ve changed the name. Granted, the guy in reference had two different first names but the same last name so I replicated that. Also, this was a series of emails that basically tell a bigger story, thus I lumped them all together.

Alright, the basics of the story is that the person writing in likes a dude(we’re assuming it’s just one guy) who she has a crush on despite being far, far away. It really eats at her and even gets in the way of her friendships. Now it seems the apple of her eye has been chatting with her friend, who also has a boyfriend.

Now, I wasn’t really willing to do divination because I only do that around Halloween for the Samhain Pickers sweepstakes winners. Besides, this situation didn’t seem to need it.

One thing kiddo has to keep in mind is that just because you get to chat with musicians on the internet, they’re there to promote so of course, they’re gonna bring the charm because it’s good for business. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not people.

Granted, I said maybe she should have a sit-down talk with the guy she has a very apparent crush on but it can also been said this way as well: she’s reading too much into their interactions. Which isn’t insanity, it’s simply having a crush. That’s completely normal and natural, even if it makes you feel absolutely mental. Everyone goes through that.

However, if your infatuation is starting to dent your friendships, it’s time to pump the breaks. Firstly, it appears that you don’t seem to know where you stand with the guy you like. It’s important to discuss that and get on the same page with the guy so you know how each other feels. That should precede everything because it will determine all future interactions, good or bad. Just because the friend is talking to the guy doesn’t mean they’re hitching up…especially if they’re separated by a whole ocean.

I think the infatuation is coloring your perspective. It’s time to find some stable ground and have a chit chat to find out what is happening. Talk with not only him but talk with your friends as well because I’m sure they probably are fussing with you because of how much your crush is blinding you and your better sensibilities and they want the pre-crush you back.

I’m really interested in witchcraft but idk where to start. how did you start?

– reinadelaslesbianas

I started with books, really. My first book is Where to Park Your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy. I thoroughly enjoy and always suggest because of how well-rounded it is. That will give you a great starting place of what to do, what not to do and why.

I was wondering are you familiar with black witch’s b/c I have some questions about it if you could help me……I tried asking the church of god and they said to stop doing witchcraft and I laughed and hung up the phone…..I tried asking the church of satan hq in America and I guessed they were mad when I said demonic spirits…lol….they preached satan and said to join their church… can you maybe answer some of my questions…….jim

 ok here’s my question but it’s a story….I can provide details of everything if you want them……I’m a black witch….I used a spell to have someone die and he did in 1 week….since I was 4 I have seen demonic spirits and ghosts….I have been seeing spirits of dead people,animals,insects all my life….I want to know why I can see them…..also when I practice withcraft outside between 9 and 9:30pm a glowing white ring appears in the sky(kinda far away too) while I’m doing my chanting…the ring goes away when I stop chanting….also I tried spells between 7 and 7:30pm and a gray ring appears in the sky and goes away when I stop chanting…..I want to know what this means…do I have a special gift spiritually….please help me or know someone that can help me…..

– James C.

Goodness, why do people write as if they are breathless? Fantastic for stories, not so much for letters.

As a reminder to people, I call myself “Black Witch” because I’m a Black person that practices witchcraft. Not, “I practice left-hand magick” so I’m not a pro in that field if that’s what the question is in reference to. Continuing on, it seems you just simply are clairvoyant and really intuitive to sense and interact with entities around you. Not really a big deal, no great significance in my consideration. You just can do these things, hurray. I’d say “don’t kill people” but I don’t know the circumstances so I’ll just say instead that it’s primarily frowned upon ethically so use very strong discretion. I also don’t know if the magick killed the person and it isn’t coincidence but this letter isn’t really to contest that.

You gave me times but without timezones, so I haven’t much of a clue what the phenomena you’re describing is in reference to. It could be raised energy, it could be a better second sight, that I don’t know. Either way, you seem relatively gifted. I would recommend reading some decent theory books on energy manipulation. That could help as well.

Metaphysics and Reality

When being a witch – or psionic, or high magician, or anyone else being involved in metaphysics and the esoteric – it can sometimes be difficult dealing with having your experience and/or beliefs dismissed. Being told that “spells don’t work”, “your gods aren’t real”, “no one can predict the future”, can be so annoying and aggravating.

Now, a lot of people go by personal experience and media they’ve experienced. Granted, if someone hasn’t knowingly seen ghosts or only know about pop metaphysics learned via reality shows and tv dramas, it kind of makes sense that they would be dismissive of occultic happenings. However, it is important to note here that there is a difference between make believe and reality. What happens during Supernatural and Sleepy Hallow is make believe (I love Sleepy Hallow like I love my cat but they still over dramatized sin eaters and Supernatural has a too much of a race casting issue to be anywhere near accurate). There is not nearly as much glamour and sparkliness and bright lights in actual magick, those are just creative choices by the director and producers to best convey that something magical is happening or else the viewer would be so lost given that tv is an audio-visual medium so it has to express the other senses somehow. Reality is much more boring, the metaphysics doesn’t add a pop of spice to one’s life. Confusion, oh sure. Spice, not as much. Since what people experience isn’t what the tv and movies promise them, it’s easy for people to say “Oh, that’s not real,” or “If people could really do that, it would be all over the news/social media/etc”. And trying to explain metaphysics in layman terms to regular people can be so easily confusing, it’s almost easy to just not bother to explain. It just becomes such a bother to the practitioner when hearing such dismissive things about the esoteric are so constant.

Then you have folks who are strongly in the “Science know all” camp. Just looking at science’s track record with simply race (eugenics, anyone?), gender (science “discovered” the clitoris three different times, that’s depressing) and mental illness (the hard sciences still sees psychology as hokey) shows that science isn’t perfect. While science is definitely important to determine physical ideas and theories, it doesn’t know the answer to everything because science is ever evolving. What science knew 100 years ago is radically different from today and what science will know 100 years from now is most likely going to be radically different from the world of now. Besides, metaphysics literally means “transcendence beyond the physical”, of course science isn’t going to have the answers for the esoterics – at least, not readily. That and it seems when someone does do actual sound studies on parapsychology, science tends to go “Ehhhh, we’ll ignore that.”

Then there’s the fact that science in the West is not really that inclusive of various cultures and beliefs. I know, science is supposed to be all logic and if it can’t be proven, it’s not worth noting but when scientists feel compelled to use science to justify stereotypes and bigoted beliefs of race and gender, maybe science could stand to be a bit more diverse in its perspectives, it would probably arrive at some answers baffling science in general faster.

All in all, it can be tough keeping up the faith, so to speak. I guess the best way to deal with this is to try to find like-minded people and spaces wherever you can but to not get overboard. You want to keep your metaphysics/psionics learning up so you don’t give into subtle discouragement (and, trust, that is hard because it is everywhere in Western society) but you don’t want to become a ditzy hippie thinking that having a wide array of crystals alone will heal cancer and death. I always like to remember that nothing is impossible. Possibly improbable, but not impossible. If there’s one standing idea in all metaphysics, it is exactly that. Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

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I’ve been super tired this weekend (I know, I’m always tired. New life happenings that require a lot of energy and I’m still getting adjusted). So instead of doing my usual chatter, I’m going to post this lecture by a previous professor of mine, Stephen Braude, titled “The Photographs of Ted Serios”. Ted Serios was a person who could imprint on photographs with his mind and also there’s a mini lecture on psychokinesis. I was there when my teacher did this talk, it was pretty good.

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A new year, a new column topic: psionics.

Now, I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while but the thing about chatting about psionics is pretty much, well, if you think naysayers about witchcraft is bad (“There’s no such thing as witches! Just crazy people.”), naysayers for psionics are simply toxic because we’re starting to trump into a level of metaphysics and energy manipulation that is incredibly reminiscent of sci-fi movies and books. Just like witchcraft, a lot of psionics is energy manipulation, meditation and practice but the responses to it, especially from the over-skeptical crowd, is pretty deafening to the point that I even thought about not talking about it in the column at all because I seriously don’t feel like dealing with the “Oh yeah? Prove it!” people because, well, I was curious myself but at least I’m willing to believe something after seeing enough proof. Science is great but so often abused when in the hands of a douchebag with limited life experience.

Alright then, for those simply scratching your heads at what psionics is, it’s really the more modern term of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) so within the field of psionics is a myriad of topics ranging from psychokinesis to remote viewing to pretty much anything to do with the mind and energy (which I may call “chi” from time to time since I’ve had that term beaten into my head from martial arts) and how it works with matter. Psions are people who practice anything with psionics.

I’ve always been interested in psionics growing up, I think it’s pretty cool. I have had some experiences myself with it that I’ll perhaps share in future columns and I have friends that are actually pretty successful with it, particularly with telekinesis (oi, I feel like an otaku writing that) to the point that it became old hat and even boring sometimes. Even I admit to sometimes seeing people move a psiwheel (a handmade device meant to practice energy movement) spinning and felt a sense of “Seen it, do something new.” There’s a lot to it, though because it is, well, basically energy movement, which serves as a good jump-off point for other practices in psionics.

Are there weirdos in the field of psionics? Yeeeeees. Too many. Too many X-Men wannabes, people who have read a little too much sci-fi and people who so desperately fish for any idea that slightly resembles “cool”. They’re the ones that make it super easy to discredit any psionic because they’re fluffy bunnies in the way that they seriously don’t know what they’re talking about, can’t do a single bit of it and just are the loudest and worst examples. They prowl about on the message boards blabbering and attempting to brag that they did anything that could be grandiose. The Japanese earthquake? They did that. The headache you just had? Responsible for that too. They pretend they are the ruler of the universe when really they are nothing more than an insecure child trying ever too hard to be unique and stand out. Think of obnoxious otakus (weeaboos they are sometimes called, read weeaboostories if you don’t know what it is) and how they take on aloof or overly bubbly anime characters. Yep. I usually duck them because they’re very easy to spot by their overzealousness but boy, are they a pest.

Back when there were few sites to really gather at for people serious in this stuff, it was a lot harder to showcase practice because of lower pixilation of cameras and the absence of a convenient cameras at that. If you didn’t have a camera for a long time, you either could only describe what you did through text, leaving room for fakers who wanted to grab for any attention they could possibly get and live in their fantasy pseudo-Marvel comic world, or just keep to yourself and ask questions when questions came up. I used to be on PsiOnline but I think it’s a dead forum now.

Now that it is easier to showcase practice with higher definition cameras, youtube and better internet connections, it really is great to see the recorded processes of tk practitioners who are getting along well with what they’re doing, getting more creative and adding more obstacles but I think some of the obstacles that get added are mainly attempts to silence people who go “Faaaaaaaaake, I can do that myself with [insert tech here].” Such as with this video of a youtuber that I subscribe to who’s part of a psionics group I have found a while ago (there are new groups as some of the old ones have faded away due to aging members not being able to post as much or with social media). He’s doing Air Stasis, basically working against air currents:

(I also love that this telekinetic is Black, makes me very happy because the psionic field has the same problem Paganism does: Too White.)

Regardless what people say, I am happy to see psionic practice still going on and well at that. It is annoying to hear skeptic after skeptic to the point that even when you do have someone who’s a success at it, they keep it to themselves because no one wants that kind of harsh spotlight. I haven’t done it myself in a while because my time has gotten quite restricted over time but I do admire those who are doing it because, well, it’s just fun and it is amazing to see how far the mind can go.

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