QR Codes are the wave of the future – today! I love them myself, they’re heavily used in the East so they would be consistently decked out within magazines such as the Gothic and Lolita Bible (a magazine for the lolita fashion culture) or even on websites such as punk lolita brand Putumayo. QR codes dispell information such as discounts, websites or even plain text and numbers for you to use on any mobile device with a camera and QR reader software.  Now you can take Black Witch with you on the go either on your phone or tablet. Also you will even be able to use the Ask Black Witch submission form via mobile/tablet as well.

How to use a QR code:

  1. Make sure your phone has a working QR reader. You don’t need a smartphone to have one. Go to this website for a list of QR readers and pick out which one is suitable for your phone.
  2. Got it downloaded or already have a QR reader? Good. Now use the camera on your phone and hold it over a QR code below. The reader should pick up the code unless the image is too blurry or you don’t have a steady hand.
  3. There should be a link for you to follow, press okay if the reader asks (not all readers are created alike and I mainly have experience with NeoReader and Kaywa) and there you have it!

QR Codes:


Black Witch Wordpress Mobile Site


Ask Black Witch submission form


Is there an issue with any of the codes or layout? Let me know via email and I’ll get it sorted through really quickly.