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I have dipped and dabbled in Wicca for the past two years. Then, I fell off the planet for a while due to life changes. I am intending to do a love spell or one that will bring me a long-term relationship. Basically, I’m ready to ask for the One, but am a little conflicted on how to go about this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

My response:

I’ll touch on this during Ask Black Witch but here’s the short answer to tide you over: love spells like those are waaaay more trouble than they’re worth. Nothing wrong with a “I want a date” spell but “I want a long term relationship” spell is major sticky.

So, just use pink candles and ask for a hot, sexy date–one that I can live with?

I put out two love spells last year, and a wave of guys from my past came back. Mostly unavailable men and I was fearful that i had done something wrong. Mind you, I did not ask for these specific men.

But, appreciate your feedback. 

Yeeeeah, the result you got is usually the result you’ll get. The universe likes to troll. I’ll go more in depth on ABW. I’d put the candles aside ’til then.

i know you wrote you would go more in depth on abw, but do you have any date spell resources?


I take that as a no. 

Just for clarification, I am not seeking to mooch like a Salem witch, or trying to get something for nothing here. There isn’t a community of Black witches where I live and often i’m at the mercy of whites who run metaphysical shops in my city. I get mixed messages from them on how to do love spells and with what tools–hence i thought i’d ask you.

Another thing that I thought i’d mention is that the last love spell with a seven day candle that i did–a “magikal” thing happened, or more likely just a coincidence. The very evening it finished burning, I got a text message from this really hot guy i had met a month before that i didn’t think we were really compatible. Needless to say, I never heard from him again and my wicked Quija board (that i have since grown out of and tossed) kept spelling that I should marry him. Sometimes things get a bit wacky.

Anyhoo, I look forward to hanging out at your blog more if you don’t mind that.

Thank you.

– Keisha M

Alright then, here’s the short part: love spells are a loooooooooot more trouble than it is worth.

Lot more.

Liiiiiiiiike, there are exponentially more things that could go wrong than right.

Because the universe likes to troll people.

Exhibit A to ∞

Pictured: Exhibit A to ∞

I guess it’s because humans think quite highly of themselves and it’s the universe’s way of saying “Lolz, nah. Lemme show you how.”

Either way, you ask the universe for a long term relationship, it may plink a chinchilla with an anxiety disorder right in your lap because, there ya go, long term relationship. It’s cute, it’s fluffy, it has abandonment issues like a jack-in-the-box loaded with fireworks and can be clingy. And a long life expectancy, bonus! Give it a twitter account and it’s practically a person!

You could literally tell the universe, “No chinchilla with baggage, human male. Human male for me to have a loving, long term relationship with. No tricks, no gags. Just someone who suits me fine.”

The universe could send you this dude…and they’ll be on the other side of the earth. Everything you ever wanted, just very faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away.

If you’re feeling conflicted, it’s probably the universe hitting you with a clue-by-four going “It’s probably feeling a little like a bad idea because it is.” And they’re right. I can tell you from experience, you’re really gonna be spending the majority of your time keeping Kleenex’s finance stocks good and buoyant rather than be with the guy of your dreams. (If you go “yeah, that won’t happen to me”, there’s a lot of stories of where love spells, prayers and rituals go from “well-intentioned” to “Pearl Harbor”). Nothing is wrong with a small spell using a pink candle and rose oil to get a date but doing extensive, full-on spells for a long term relationship? That could easily blow up in your face royally.

How could this go passionately wrong? Let’s break down the ways:

Your life will always be in change
The person you are now is not going to be the person you will be a month from now, or a year. To ask for a person to be by your side in the here and now doesn’t mean that the person brilliant for you now will be just the right type for you in six months. (Lordt, I sound like a parent.) Using magick to bring someone to you so acutely is going to have flaws that you couldn’t imagine. You want someone who will grow with you, not someone who will be for the “now” you.

You’ll get what you’ll ask for, just not what you want
You already said you’ve tried your hand at love spells and gotten a lot of duds. Yeeeeeeeap. Sounds about right. Actually, the story you mentioned, it would usually have a “stalker” part so if you didn’t get that kind of guy, hooray because stalkers are scary. Remember, universe likes to troll. Or you do meet the One and he’s already unhappily married with kids and a dog. (Also, for the love of the gods, do not be an adultress. The universe may troll but if you play sidechick, you’re just trolling yourself.)

You’re gonna be biased and miss the shot
Say the universe goes, “Ok, here, no strings. This dude is yours.” But you somehow miss on this because either he’s not what you consider attractive or interesting. The dude is very much the kind of person you need but, honestly, you have no reason in your head why you’re staring at this guy. Your own biases could get in the way.

Kinda bringing “the One” to you because you want it is a bit one-sided, don’t you think? I mean, you may be ready but what about the dude? Maybe you have it together but what if this guy still is attempting to get at least 1/34th of his sh*t together? The dude is a heck of a catch, just got his life everywhere in a way that could be off-putting. Even if you think “Oh that won’t matter, we all have our problems”, you should be reminded that when you finally meet “the One”, he’s not going to have a neon sign blinking over his head saying, “This One, Stupid.” Maaaaaaaaaan, would life be easy if that were the case. But it’s not. So instead, you wouldn’t really have a way of knowing that you just met the One, versus meeting Just Another Frog.

I’m sure the dude you’re supposed to be with is just as eager to meet you as you are him. However, the best way to do it, right now, is to keep working on yourself, keep putting yourself out there and getting to know yourself more so you can figure out what kind of guy would really suit you. Feel free to do spells to get nice dates but remember, it takes more than magick to find love.


Tips for newbies? Blog is lovely btw.
– Hoodblipster

Read academic books as well as metaphysics books. Don’t buy every little thing in sight…also, you’re going to buy every little thing in sight, even if you didn’t need it.

Stay away from dimestore books and if you can’t, just distance yourself from the rhetoric. Like, you’re gonna hear nonsense about Illuminati, Egypt, and a loooot of bad, junk science. Try not to buy into that. If it seems to rag on one group of people, such as Jews or Black folks, then it’s probably best to avoid.

Speaking of science: metaphysics and science does not always get along. However, as you look up metaphyics, science is very useful but don’t take every little thing science thinks as automatic law. Seriously, remember that most of science has a looooot of biases (*koff*look at their hiring by race and gender*koff*) so be sure to be mindful. Just be open minded.

Basically, read up on your history, your science and try to keep up with your BoS or DoS as you learn.

Also, doing magick is going to take work. Keep up on meditation and energy manipulation.

Okies, it’s gonna be a light one today. I wanted to write about Pulse buuuuuut, y’know, it can wait. There’s already a lot to talk about and more info appearing every day (as well as interesting tidbits like this “Thoughts and Prayers” game that I like) so we’re going to be business as usual.

Agents of the Realm
I found a really neat webcomic called “Agents of the Realm“. What I like most about this is the all women cast that is lead by a Black girl. I really have been really looking for those because while there are a lot of webcomics that I think are cool, it’s really hard to find some that are A) Black-lead B) Black girl lead (as in, she’s not commonly present as a sidekick) C) Doesn’t have a love interest who is White. Seriously, it’s like the triangle of quality.


Illustrated with hasty handwriting! And maybe it should be a rhombus to include”good” because, trust, it is a factor

It’s really frustrating. Being a Black girl nerd is very tough because frankly, there’s not a lot of good material to choose from (and why does the love interest always have to be a White person? Why not Latin, Black, Native, Asian – why White?) It’s annoying, frankly.

So far, I’m well enough into the storyline to see that it’s pretty cool so far. It’s about a university girl named Norah Tanner who stumbles upon a brooch and is thrown into saving not simply her world but the dimensions it is connected to…but she’s not exactly too thrilled with that, being a new college student is already hard enough without being a dimension defender. On top of that, it appears Norah has an alternate in a different dimension and they keep colliding. Faced with “bleeds”, monsters that used to be agents but are now deformed and destructive, Norah will have to find the other girls who will help her find the key that can bridge the dimension break and end the destruction. Or she and her teammates will atrophy into monsters, just like the agents before them.


The storyline seems pretty decent, I really like it. It’s really nice to see that there a magical girl webcomic story that focuses on a Black girl without shoehorning in her Blackness. It’s ok for a Black character to be comfortably and passively aware that they’re Black. The don’t have to be the living personification of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the Abolitionist movement all rolled into one being. Even Kendrick Lamar watches cat videos out of cuteness and Beyonce snickers at jokes her sister texted her. No one is The Movement all the time. Dr. King liked playing pool, was even a bit of a pool shark. Seriously, it’s possible to be a Black person without angstly reciting Gill Scott Heron. More comic creators should learn that, makes for really believable characters.

This comic is great for people who really like magical girl comics like Princess Love Pon (another Black-starring magical girl comic) because it is delightful and interesting without being trope-y.

This comic is extremely cute! GamerCat is a comic about a kitty that loves to play video games and the hijinks he and his fuzzy family and friends tend to get into. It’s filled with cool references to videogames, gamer culture and humor that is entertaining for everyone. Also, some comics have gif panels, which is really interesting for me.


This comic is great for really anyone who loves cats, cuteness and gaming all in one place. Check it out, here.

That’s all for this week, next week is Ask Black Witch. Remember, good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Send them in!

Driving me up a wall

EEOC update: Alright, I haven’t really talked too much about my situation about dealing with my case. It almost looked like I returned to normal. Still, Baltimore City Police’s Internal Affairs is still currently investigating the police officer that decided to raid and trash my apartment.

That is really all. Can’t really say more than that because, well, lawyer. Onward with the post.

Firstly, thank you everyone who participated in the Black Witch 6th Anniversary livestream yesterday. I apologize for being so hare-brained, I never really know what to say live. I will also try to get better about promoting these livestreams because so far (aside from my battery dying or the connection being crap, which are both my phone’s problem), I definitely want to do more of these. I really like the fact that now I can get more use out of my Black Witch Fan Page on Facebook and that I no longer have to fight with Ustream or the like. Hooray.

Due to my horrific situation with my transmission dying and the $5000+ bill that needed to be paid and the fact that to pay it, I can’t get my usual treatment for my trauma disorders (also known as, “the thing that keeps me stable”), I have been looking around for replacement cars because sooner or later, that will have to happen. Eventually, I stumbled onto electric cars. I think they’re pretty cool and the lot I know about them was basically:

1) Tesla

2) Yuppies (also known as “non-Tesla” cars)

Annnnnd that’s it. So, I researched because that’s what I do. I’ve always liked the Kia Soul so I pretty much hovered around that car as an example because I rather look into cars that a normal person can afford, not cars that should be parked next to Bugatti. Kia Soul came out with the Kia Soul EV (“EV” means “Electric Vehicle”) back in 2015. This is what I discovered from researching electric car questions (“What is the transmission?”, “What is the gauge of travel fuel? Charges? Watts?”, “How long can a car go sitting and uncharged? Will it die like a smartphone?” etc, etc):

I discovered a stark reminder of why I hate the Green movement and how pretentious it is.

Y’see, it appears the biggest reason I’m tripping across on countless blogs and forums about electric cars is some version of “I want to save the environment, I’m better than those fossil-fuel cars.” Like, it is major. I honestly am a bit surprised that every purchase of an electric car that isn’t a Tesla doesn’t come with a coupon book for Whole Foods and Birkenstocks. The pretentiousness of the commenters, bloggers and forum-users reminded me of the mid-2000s when the “Green Revolution” got its first bearings, from BP switching their logo to the flowery one during Live Earth (then had an oil spill on the gulf coast they tried to squirm out of), to the onslaught of delusional yuppies who thought they could solve all the world of its ills if everyone sold their cars, bought expensive fixie bikes, put solar panels on their homes and other extremely short-sighted ideas. And how if anyone doesn’t participate, they somehow want to murder the earth, it doesn’t matter if that person can’t buy organic food and Fair Trade.

One thing I disliked about the Green movement because it was constructed in a pretty prejudiced manner (racism, classism, ableism) and was less about saving the forest and more about middle class White people who just want to fling their money around in effort to look better than everyone else. Seriously, they don’t even know if what they’re doing actually is doing anything to help the earth (because if people were serious about this, they would note that it’s corporations that should be bearing the majority of responsibility and there’s no amount of “fine, we won’t buy from them” that will fix things) but maaaaaaaaaan do they have a stick up their derrieres about it as if they’re better. Especially to people who can’t spend thousands of dollars on whimsies.

I’m certain readers (mainly White ones) are going, “How is caring about the earth racist, classist and ableism? Aren’t we are all one race, the human race?” because they tend to question that a lot. And usually follow up with, “Don’t you care about the earth?”

Dude, I’m Pagan. This means I care about the environment as a standard basis of my religious beliefs…but I’m not dumb either. I was raised in the inner city so I take on environmentalism from a more realistic and humanistic approach. Y’know, eradication of food deserts, sustainable (and affordable) housing and sustainable employment, basic stuff like that. Notice I never said, “reduce carbon footprint by getting an electric car” or “eat more quinoa”. And let me break it down why the “Green Revolution” isn’t as shiny and wonderful as it sounds.

Racism: Dude, look at the advertising for anything Green living or sustainability. It’s overly White. No diversity to be seen for miles. And if there is diversity, it’s usually under a “white saviorist” context. We’re usually depicted as poor migrant workers, villages filled with poor – but happy – people. Basically, the only time diversity really shows up is with the undertone of “Do {phony environmentalist act} and you’re helping this miserable bastard. White man’s burden, saving the world. They can’t do it themselves, too primitive to even know that plastic exists.”

This doesn’t even include the micro-aggression towards Black people want to be involved as “oh, you’re a credit to your race” or “isn’t this a bit pricy for you?” Buying sustainably is definitely not buying cheap and with the stereotype of “Black = poor”, that means a lot of irritation if you’re Black and you want to just do your thing, even if it is just wanting to maintain a small garden. This leads to the next point…

Classism: If sustainability cravers were actually serious about helping the world, they wouldn’t make the options to go green be so pricy. I mean, why not put solar panels on schools and projects in the hood? How about allowing low-income people getting an actual leg up to get an electric car because a) this puts less gas cars on the road and b) it creates an access for people to find decent work and be able to manage their lives a little better? How about not only community gardens but also allow people in the community to maintain a small grocery store that actually hires people from the community and etc etc etc? That way, there’s an economy and access to organic food. It’s not $6 asparagus water but hey, it puts nutrients in hungry and hard-worked bodies. There’s no sign of the “Green Revolution” in poorer areas because it’s just a game for the upper classes, not an actual effort to make the world better. If it, the “revolution”, cannot benefit those who need it most, then it’s not a revolution because no one of value is being helped. It’s not fair to not be able to purchase the more expensive filters for water, the nicer cars instead of the 1980s and 1990s clunkers we’re forced to stay with, to not have access to sustainable foods or jobs to provide money to buy them with…and to get shamed and ragged all the same about it.

Ableism: One thing I noticed, Green Living folks tend to be very able-bodied…and assume that if they recycle and have a paleo diet, somehow people who are disabled brought it on themselves. That if someone drank more organic smoothies, they would be able to get out of that wheelchair. If they just had a garden, they would somehow be cured of bipolar and depression. (Mental institutions have been making the mentally ill doing field work since at least the Victorian times – hasn’t worked then, not going to work now.) These people, those who tend to be hyper-focused on Green Living, tend to not operate within the basic realms of science and biology. Having a disorder or disease or any condition will not magically go away because someone had free range goat cheese and wild, raw turnips. That’s not how illness works. Does eating better and having access to better food and water improve health? Absolutely! Is it the cure-all of any human ailment, physical or mental? Absolutely not. Because health doesn’t work that way.

How annoying. All I wanted to do was look at cars and the capabilities of vehicles, instead I have to wade through the briar patch of self-absorbed douchebags.

Next week is The Arts! No word yet on who to feature but it shall be a thing! However, if you have something artistic that you want to share, feel free to drop me a line!

I was just perusing my social media and I came across this:


This was me:


Alright, here’s why you shouldn’t be turning your punami into a humidifier. Actually, no, let’s start from the basics: what is vaginal steaming? Well, according to website, penned by Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D:

“For those not familiar with what vaginal steaming is, think of it like a medicinal, herbal, steam facial for the vagina.

Typically, they are done a day or two after a woman has had her period in order to detox and heal any imbalances in the vagina, cervix and uterus. Vaginal steaming has also been known to ease anxiety in women as well as tackle several other health issues-

• Irregular and painful periods
• Vaginal cysts
• Infertility
• Bladder and yeast infections
• Hemorrhoids
• Uterine fibroids
• Scarring from childbirth, hysterectomies and laparoscopies”

You don’t have to go far in this entry to find the Orientalism in the article:

“Vaginal steaming in Chinese medicine is used to relieve stagnation and coldness in the body, and in Eastern medicine in general it is used to dilate the blood vessels, increase blood circulation, provide oxygenation and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Other ways it improves health depends on the herbs that are used and the healing properties each herb brings to the table. The most commonly used herbs for vaginal steaming are mugwort, basil, calendula, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood and rosemary.”

Ah, there it is! And notice, those are primarily Western herbs you see that are being used with a Chinese (funny, there’s no ethnic pinpoint because China’s a pretty big nation with a pretty extensive history and various groups, can’t lump them all together) method…that eventually switches to “Korean” later. Because somehow that’s not a recipe for disaster. This is why stealing cultural ideas is bad, women’s health addition. Especially if it didn’t come from the Far East…more like “Los Angeles in 2010” and as a bastardization of moxibustion, which is an authentic healing method.

Alright, we got the basics, now let’s get back to why you shouldn’t be turning your punami into a humidifier.

The vagina is self-cleaning
Doctors (smart ones) would usually tell women to not shove, spurt or steam anything up main street for cleaning purposes because the vaginal canal is actually self cleaning. Douching is bad. Very bad. Like, “there’s a reason why it’s an insult” bad. The vagina naturally regulates itself and pushes out any bad bacteria, germs, dead cells, etc etc. What douching of any sort does is forces all that back in. It’s like the natural fluids in the vagina are showing bad elements the door, and the human it’s connected to just wants to shove everyone back in the house. Which causes infections.
Actually, let me let a real doctor talk, Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of ob-gyn at Yale School of Medicine. She was interviewed by Women’s Health magazine and this is what she had to say:

1. It Burns

“My first concern is that someone would burn themselves because steam is hot,” says Minkin. “And I certainly wouldn’t want someone to get a burn in their vagina.” Fun fact: Your hoo­ha sits right next to the bladder and rectum, so a bad burn could damage the lining between the two of them and cause a lot of issues. “That would be a worst­case scenario,” says Minkin”

Remember, if you’re getting worked done on the vaginal region by steaming it, it is most likely not being done by a someone with a medicinal background. And with so many how-to home guides floating around on the internet, it’s a recipe for trouble. During steaming, the whole area (the vulva) is getting steamed, the major and minor labias, the urethral entrance, the vaginal opening. That means the herbal concoction is going to affect everywhere. Then there’s the rectum, as the doctor has mentioned. Basically, these are sensitive parts that you do not want to damage through poor research and misguided health suggestions.

2. It Can Mess With Your Vagina’s Good Bacteria

Just like regular douching, trying to “cleanse” your vag with steam can be drying and disrupt the natural bacteria that lives up in there, says Minkin. And since the vagina is a self ­cleaning machine, you don’t need to take any action to keep it that way, she says. However, one thing you could do to boost your vagina’s natural cleaning abilities is to eat more yogurt, which contains the good bacteria that keep your vag fresh yeast infection ­free.

The doctor also wonders in the article if the steam can even go up that far. The vaginal canal isn’t Route 66 but it’s not a cavernous hall, either. Either way, steaming could mess with your body’s natural ability to keep and maintain its own defenses because it’s a super delicate ecosystem down there. I mean, if you’re not wearing the right underoos and if you under enough stress, then you may risk getting a yeast infection. It already has an ability to get rid of the germs that grow in and around the body, the vagina. There’s no need to modify that.

3. It Won’t Balance Any Hormones

First off, Minkin says, there are no hormones produced by the uterus or the vagina. “The hormone factory is in the ovaries, and there’s no reason why steam would affect the hormones produced there,” she says. And again, it’s hard to say if the steam even makes it that far.

Welp, usually I would add something here but there you have it. And no, you can directly inject steam into your vaginal canal (please don’t do that) and still, it probably won’t even slip past the cervix, at best.

Frankly, steam cleaning is great for drapes and clothing. Steamers are great for when you’re suffering from head colds. Saunas are nice. Herbal saunas are nice. Steam can be used to power machines. These are all nice things. Steam treatments on the body can be great, up the vaginal canal is not one of them.

Basically, don’t do it.

And it’s almost a week away from the Black Witch live stream, June 9th. I think I should update the time to 7 PM EST if I haven’t already. The reason for this livestream is because Black Witch will be in its sixth year, it’s the Black Witch 6th Anniversary. W00t. The livestream will be via the Black Witch Fan Page on Facebook, so get in on that.

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