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Welcome to this month’s Ask Black Witch. Since there was a series last month, I’ll be answering the questions from last month first.

I recently heard of apotropaic magic, and the importance of mastering it before getting into more advanced type magik. I searched online for books and websites that could point me to some methods of apotropaic magik and had no luck. Could you share more about the topic would you please point me the direction of books and more resources. Thank you.

– Dizzybliss

So, I looked up apotropaic magic because yay rustiness. Apotropaic magick, folks, is basically magick to ward off evil, which is pretty basic. Think of the God’s Eye, knocking on wood or the Evil Eye. This handy dandy wiki page about apotropaic magick.

Because this is so basic, pretty much every book on magick has something about this, one reason people used magick over the years is to ward off evil, bad luck, bad times, just bad stuff all around. I already know for fact that every book I own on magick has a section on it and the history of it. I think the best book for you may be Amulets & Talismans for Beginners by Richard Webster (Webster is great for anything, he knows all, seemingly).

So there you have it. You might have made your search harder than it was.

How can I go about asking a person to cast a spell for me to get money to live very nice instead of living on 1,032 a month.

– Vicki R.

Create a very special job attracting amulet called a resume and a cover letter.

Unless this witch, wizard or high magician has a job opening for you that pays more than what you have, you’re pretty much wasting your time. Money doesn’t rain from the sky and considering the economy, unless you have a strong trade in a field desperately needing workers, you’re probably gonna struggle for a bit longer.

The most a spell could do for you is help put extra favor on your side when it comes to job interviews and that’s about it, the rest is all you. Look for tips on Ask a Manager, far more useful than a simple spell.

Hello I’m a girl from Lithuania – a country that I hate very very much. I’ll be 21 soon and I’ve done nothing with my life yet. Like nothing at all. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish that one last year in highschool. I think about suicide a lot. But the worst is when I think about my future. I see nothing. My psychiatrist asked me about what would make me happy, I told her and she said that my dreams are unrealistic. I have a borderline personality disorder and manic depression. I was hospitalized many times but nothing ever helped, so I think that it might not be a real problem. I’ve tried maditation, a little bit of magick, religion. But now I just feel tired all the time and I see no point of getting out of bed. What could help me? maybe some magick? I read books, it is very interesting for me. And women in my mothers side have interesting powers, if i can call it ”powers”. But also I’ve heard that those women are cursed, including me as well. Some of those had tragic lives. I want to ask what could be wrong with me and what should I do?

– Shirley H.

I’d say get a therapist but you already have a psychiatrist but they don’t sound so effective so get a different one if possible. You don’t want a sycophant for a shrink but one that will work with what you want to achieve (if it is indeed realistic, there are such things as unrealistic dreams, like if a 74 year old rocket engineer wants to be a world-renowned pop star despite not even knowing a single thing about music).

You’re suicidal and think your future is about as bleak as anything, magick won’t solve anything at this point. It may make you feel better but the reality is, you need to focus on your problems. You’re the most common denominator of your problems. If you didn’t do anything with your life, that’s on you, not the world. You could have volunteered, you could have learned new skills via the internet, you could have done whatever. It does suck having disorders – I have a laundry list of them myself – but it’s not like you were fully incapacitated unless you forgot to mention you’re in an abusive household. That’s life with a mental illness.

A personality disorder can be a ream of disorders, you should have been more specific because they’re not all the same. Bipolar can also be dealt with as well. Meditation is good – it’s great, actually – but don’t assume it’s going to help you perfectly heal because it won’t solve the problems, just help you manage them. And don’t dabble with magick, you need to talk to a decent therapist, not take a wack at the occult.

So to recap: Get a better therapist, try to be more proactive with your problems, keep meditating and feel free to read up on magick but hold off from doing any until you’re better.

So that is Ask Black Witch for this week! And oh! Due to unforeseen events, the karaoke event will be canceled! Sorry folks!

The Arts!: Poetry

So I was supposed to do a literary contest because April is National Poetry Month but I got swept up in doing Black Witch events – which, by the way, did you know Ka-Ra-O-Ke! Is next month on May 5th? – so here’s what we’re gonna do. I’mma hand pick poetry that have always stuck with me throughout the years.

Let’s start!

A poem that really caught my attention and even got me into doing spoken word poetry was Saul Williams “Om Nia Merican”

om nia merican born of beats and blood
the concert of the sun unplugged, i’m the
om nia merican born of beats and blood
the concert of the sun unplugged

o say can you – 20,000 negro leagues beneath
the sea foamed clouds laced with ink that stains
when rains. makes books of trees at once
upon a dawn’s early light, pawn bishop knight
children of night, may queens take kinds
hereafter, thereafter the trickling sands
demand that our decisions be timely i’m the

om nia merican born of beats and blood
the concert of the sun unplugged, i’m the
om nia merican born of beats and blood
the concert of the sun unplugged, i’m the

offspring of spring reborn, pledged, and
sworn – the risen ash of a flag burned and
torn, i’m the blood of the womb, the risen
tide of the moon, the dark side that the
light cannot hide, i’m the pages of history
read between the lines, the shining truth
behind your symbols and signs, i’m the son
of a minister, love a teacher, my mother
taught me well so i rebel, i’m the bell retolled
yet a story untold, the hidden force behind
a rock that was rolled. i’m the om nia
merican born of beats and blood, the concert
of the sun, unplugged, i’m the om nia
merican born of beats and blood the concert
of the sun unplugged

lift every voice and sing
til earth and heaven ring

There is an audio version but you’re gonna have to look for it but totally worth it.

That’s one of many poems! Another one I really love, the author is unknown and is a folk secular:

“He Paid Me Seven” (Parody)

“Our Fadder, Which are in Heaben!”-
White man owe me leben and pay me seben.
“D’y Kingdom come! D’y Will be done!”-
An’ if I hadn’t tuck dat, I wouldn’ git none.

I believe it was recited by Mos Def for Def Poetry, very well done!

Another piece I find memorable is “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away”. 

What I find so memorable about it is its truth. Nothing can stand the test of time, not even the most famous or the most feared, it all falls to the sands of time until it is nothing but a relic of eras passed.

I’ve always found Wanda Coleman’s super on-point poem, “Wanda Why Aren’t You Dead” astounding.

wanda when are you gonna wear your hair down
wanda. that’s a whore’s name
wanda why ain’t you rich
wanda you know no man in his right mind want a
ready-made family
why don’t you lose weight
wanda why are you so angry
how come your feet are so goddamn big
can’t you afford to move out of this hell hole
if i were you were you were you
wanda what is it like being black
i hear you don’t like black men
tell me you’re ac/dc. tell me you’re a nympho. tell me you’re
into chains
wanda i don’t think you really mean that
you’re joking. girl, you crazy
wanda what makes you so angry

wanda i think you need this
wanda you have no humor in you you too serious
wanda i didn’t know i was hurting you
that was an accident
wanda i know what you’re thinking

wanda i don’t think they’ll take that off of you

wanda why are you so angry

i’m sorry i didn’t remember that that that
that that that was so important to you

wanda you’re ALWAYS on the attack

wanda wanda wanda i wonder

why ain’t you dead

As you can see, I’m a big fan of free verse and a really good poet to exemplify that is E.E. Cummings.

“It Is Funny, You Will Be Dead Some Day”

it is funny, you will be dead some day.
By you the mouth hair eyes,and i mean
the unique and nervously obscene

need;it’s funny.  They will all be dead

knead of lustfulhunched deeplytoplay
lips and stare the gross fuzzy-pash
—dead—and the dark gold delicately smash….
grass,and the stars,of my shoulder in stead.

It is a funny,thing.  And you will be

and i and all the days and nights that matter
knocked by sun moon jabbed jerked with ecstasy
….tremble (not knowing how much better

than me will you like the rain’s face and

the rich improbable hands of the Wind

Poetry. It ain’t that boring Shakespeare we’ve all had stuffed down our throats.

There are many different types of poems out there, the types shown here is not all there is. There are many great collections of poetry regardless the era or the background. I highly recommend you go to your local library and ask for various collections.

And that’s The Arts! for this month, huzzah. Next week is Ask Black Witch, send in your submissions using these methods below!

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Remember, karaoke event is on May 5th! Be there!

Good friend of mine, Crystal B., has been calling for submissions of the minority Pagan experience to create a follow up anthology to Shades of Faith called Shades of Ritual! Here are the details!

Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press (Stafford, U.K./Portland, OR, U.S.A) is seeking submissions for a follow up anthology to Shades of Faith, released in August of 2011.  This anthology will focus on people of color working in magical communities and their spiritual practices.  This anthology will provide another opportunity to get the voices and experiences of minorities within the Pagan community out to the world and address some of the challenges, stereotyping, frustrations and the beauty of being different within the racial construct of typical Pagan or Wiccan groups. These communities include (but are not limited to) groups and individuals working in Wicca, Voodoo, Umbanda, Shaman, and other Pagan paths.

As many of the roots of Paganism come from the lands of people of color, much of the color of Paganism is often forgotten in the cultural mainstreaming that often happens to ethnic cultures. Many people of color within Paganism walk between the worlds of their birth ancestry and culture, and that of their spiritual culture.  This anthology is meant to show how that might look within the spiritual practice of one’s home.

Here are some suggested topics to give you an idea of the focus of this anthology.

  • Rituals
  • Poetry
  • Your experience of integration into the Pagan community and how that might correlate with your practice
  • Magical work
  • Ancestor work
  • Deity specific practices and relationships
  • Integrating your birth culture with your spiritual workings
  • What magical work are you doing now? How do you describe it? Do you work alone, in a group, or in several settings?
  • Your birth culture and spiritual workings
  • Stereotypes and prejudice and the impact on spiritual or magic workings.
  • Being the only person of color in a coven, group or community
  • Sharing your culture and history with other Pagans
  • Cultural history and how that plays a role in your spiritual practice today
  • Family culture and how that plays a role in your spiritual practice
  • Cultural appropriations and how that works in your practice.

Rough drafts are due August 15, 2013. These drafts will be edited in a back-and-forth process with the editor. Essays should be 1500-4000 words, although if your work falls outside those limits, do submit it – we can discuss this during the editing process. Drop us an email if you are unsure whether your idea fits into the content. The sooner you start the communication process the better, as after the deadline we won’t be considering additional ideas.

Essay requirements:
• Citations for all quoted, paraphrased, or otherwise unoriginal material
• Bibliography of works cited
• Prefer APA format

Do write in your voice! If you’re academically inclined or trained, feel free to be as intelligent and technical as you like. If your work entirely talks in the first person about your own experience, please include this also. There is a wide range of voices, and we are interested in being as inclusive of style as possible.

Accepted contributors will receive a free copy of the anthology when it is published and additional copies sold at 40% off the cover price to contributors. All contributors will be provided with a contract upon final acceptance of their essays, not when they are accepted for editing. If your essay is not accepted for the anthology, we will tell you after the first round of edits.

The anthology will be edited by Crystal Blanton. She is the author of two books with Immanion press; Bridging the Gap; Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society, and Pain and Faith in a Wiccan World.  She is also the editor of the first anthology, Shades of Faith; Minority Voices in Paganism. She may be found online at and her email address for this anthology is .

Immanion Press is a small independent press based in the United Kingdom. Founded by author Storm Constantine, it expanded into occult nonfiction in 2004 with the publication of Taylor Ellwood’s Pop Culture Magick. Today, Immanion’s nonfiction line, under the Megalithica Books imprint, has a growing reputation for edgy, experimental texts on primarily intermediate and advanced pagan and occult topics. Find out more at

Find Black Witch (Meet and Greet info)


For those attending the meet and greet: If you see this cathedral, I’m sitting in the park across from it, in front of the Washington Monument

– Black W.

Don’t forget! Black Witch Meet and Greet on Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland! Details at the bottom!

You know, it’s really something when you look about the ‘net and hear people say things like, “if only I had a magic wand” or “I’m not a wizard, I can’t make things happen like that” and things of that nature. Ha, even with magick, psionics, metaphysics, whatever on your side, you still have to deal with mundane life. Hey, right now I’m using a computer, a word processor and taking good advantage of my access to the internet.

Thing is, there isn’t really a “witchy world” and “muggle world”, never was. We live in the same communities that regular folks do, pay bills, vote, go to the market, get a job, so on and so forth. I can summon spirits and entities, and Baltimore Gas & Electric does not care. If anything, they’d probably remark, “That’s nice but you still have to pay your bills and if we don’t see any money from you by the 15th, you can summon some light spirits or whatever it is you do.”

Magick and metaphysics exists within normal life. Doing magick to make sure the bills are paid won’t magickally make money rain from the sky and there won’t be any sparkly thing happening (okay, most likely, I’ve learned that things can be improbable but not impossible). You still have to get a job, be good at writing a resume and a cover letter, things like that. It could make circumstances occur where there is somehow enough money to foot the bills or make the bills have a positive surprise (registered as forgiven or paid in the system or a surprise credit that makes the bill drop waaaaaay low (this actually happened to me, my electric bill is about $4.50 for this past month, very proud)) but I don’t think you’ll be seeing actual legal tender that is valid in your nation floating or plopping from the sky or out of your pet parakeet’s mouth. And please see a vet if your pet petite bird starts barfing money.

This isn’t to say the magickal life isn’t that magical. It’s just without a lot of the special effects. You can still witness fae and spirits and entities but there isn’t a Hogwarts around to teach you. There’s no Witch school, Wizarding academy, nothing to grant you a A.A. in ceremonial magick. Learning about magick is more like going to the library or the bookstore trying to look at as many titles as possible, finding metaphysical shops that may or may not be near and possible debating with people on Tumblr about what stick of sage is appropriate to use and if “smudging” is a culturally hijacked term. Way less fancy.

Thing is, back then, some things that were seen as magical back then such as a camera operating. People used to think that could steal your soul. Then science became more widely available and now we better understand the process, which does take some of the wonder out of it. Then you have the fact that a lot of shows and movies are so heavy on the special effects and camera angles because there’s no other way to convey that something has happened since movies only can effect two senses, sight and hearing, and has to convey something to make up for the absence to affect the other three senses. Seriously, next movie or show with magic and/or psionics in it, try to imagine if there weren’t any sparks or if the camera angle was as static as the human eye, seeing things from only one point of perspective at a time. You’d see how much detail could possibly be missed because there’s nothing overteaching the fact that something unusual was happening. When I and folks I know do magick, there aren’t really any wide, gaping movements, if any noticeable ones at all. We’re not Gandalf, we just want to get the spell done. Magick doesn’t require a stage manager (unless it’s Gardnerian or Alexandrian Wicca, ha!)

So does this mean that the life a Witch is ultra boring? Yep. Very. If someone followed me around my life all day, they wouldn’t see anything magickal happening. They may see me on the computer dilly dallying about or…that’s probably pretty much it. Maybe watch me wash dishes and complain about how my sink is too small or that water gets everywhere. I don’t cast spells everyday (that would be tiring!) and the fae in my home only really express themselves by stealing things I won’t notice are gone until I actually need it. Like my glasses. Magick is usually subtle and not loud and so is the magickal life. I do magick because that’s what I’m pulled to and resonate with naturally. I don’t practice magick because of the reactions people give when they learn that I do, that would be stupid and a bit emotionally desperate in attempt to look cool or relevant.

So there you have it, the Witchy life is no different than the normal life besides knowing how to be really handy with herbs and rocks. There’s no Disney or Warner Bros. styled living filled with sparkles, colored wind, designer clothes that seem to never get dirty or ripped and no bills or responsibilities. There is cool stuff and fun stuff and even some “holy crap, that just happened” stuff but that’s about it.

Now, for the Black Witch events!

This Sunday will be the Black Witch Meet and Greet! Here’s the promo that has all the details (I know I will miss something if I don’t do this)

BW Meet and Greet (April 14; Baltimore, MD): Let’s hang out and meet each other! This is the Black Witch Meet and Greet, where you can meet me, fellow readers and have fun. Located at the Washington Monument, (if it rains, we’ll be at the Central Library) this event is open to any and everyone. The meet and greet will be on April 14th starting at 1 PM EST and going to 4 PM. Be there! If this one is really successful, there will most likely be a monthly BW meet and greet.

And if you can’t make this event, that’s okay! There’s always next month!

Ka-ra-o-ke! Music Time With Black Witch! (May 5; Baltimore, MD): I love singing and I especially love karaoke! So let’s do some karaoke together! We will gather at Rainbow Music Studio on 2126 Maryland 2 and have a room to sing the night away! Rooms prices are $35/hour for up to six people and increases by $10 when up to six more people show up (Ex: $45/hour for 12, $55/hour for 18, so on and so forth) so depending on how many people come, the price could be really small ($5.83 per person if up to six, $3.75 per person for up to twelve, so on and so forth) or bigger than that so although I will keep everyone updated, be sure to bring at least $15.

And The Arts! is next week! Sadly, I was forgetful about running a literary contest this year since April is National Poetry Month so here’s what we’re gonna do: hand selected pieces of noteworthy poems such as Saul Williams, unnamed poems and others! Huzzah!

Building friendships and magick. Sometimes they don’t mix.

I have to admit, sometimes when being openly Pagan, you can take a hit in the friend department, which can really hurt if you didn’t have many to start with. Since Paganism still has a strong stigma with it, you have to deal with a particular wonder of if people don’t like you for you or if you’d have better success being social if you weren’t such a pretty misunderstood faith.

Within the last ten years of me being Pagan, I have dealt with folks running from me, crossing the street when they see me, keeping me at a clear distance, arguing, appearing visibly threatened, giving me odd looks, the silent treatment, etc etc If it is a negative reaction short of actual assault, I have experienced it and man, is it something to get it from people you actually cared about, respected or held in high esteem. If anything, it makes you a little more cynical and apprehensive about meeting new people.

And this is with folks I’m open with. With others, it can be a total tightrope between talking about my life and censoring out the more important parts of it. So if I get frustrated because something not cool happened regarding Black Witch and I hang with these folks, I have to either learn to be really good at masking or come off as mysteriously moody. Or, if I have an amazing achievement, I can’t share it. And then there’s when positive experiences in my life that are related to Black Witch or the success of Black Witch have to be delivered with huuuuuuuuuge and disconnecting plot points, if at all.

As much as I would like to tell folks, “I’m Pagan, deal with it,” I can’t be that way to every single person on earth because believe it or not, there are still some folks who don’t know that I’m Pagan and the uphill battle of explaining to them may not be worth it. It’s really frustrating, mainly because I already know what has happened when I jumped out the broom closet so wantonly. I still think twice when sharing pictures from Pagan Humor on Facebook (they’re really funny, check it out!)

When I was part of the P.O.D. fan site, The Southtown, when I was around 15 or so, someone had asked about Wicca in the “Spiritual” section of the forum boards. Now, I was a regular there so no harm, no foul right? It was a pretty regular question any ol’ ways, as I thought, and I responded to it like a regular question. Oh wow, the response overnight was deafening. For those not in the know, P.O.D. (Payable On Death) is a rock band that can definitely be a bit Christian faith heavy so they have a tendency to attract Christian fans.

You can probably tell that it is not gonna be a happy story.

I never saw folks go 180 so fast ever before that. Maaaaaaan, people were pissed beyond belief. Bible thumping like never before, people sending me angry messages and pretty much no one coming to my defense until waaaaaaaaaaaaay later. Wow, so much for Christian kindness. These were people who already knew me prior beforehand but in an instant, disliked me as if they never cared to start with. And best of all, I had no one to go to, really. If these people who really liked me at some point in history turned really fast, who else wouldn’t? It was really disheartening. I only talk to about three people from that site today.

This kinda was my first experience in dealing with simply going, “Lemme just be as normal as possible about this faith and all will be fine,” and so early at that. Layer this on top of the fact that I have always sucked with being social with people because people didn’t always like me. When I was younger, it was because I could read, didn’t really find hip hop to die for (I got the feeling at a young age a lot of it wasn’t really that positive, especially to women), I liked learning and was made fun of for being different, lacking “Blackness” and never really understanding the other kids. I never was actively mean to people, I barely bothered people, if anything because I got the opposite. I just didn’t get people and never fitted in. Still pretty much don’t.

I didn’t always have a crappy experience with it came to making friends while Pagan. At the old metaphysical shop I used to go to, I interacted with plenty of people and even made some great connections there (mainly in the form of being a derpy teen hanging about a metaphysical shop daily). This is not to say every interaction was perfect, I still have my crappy social skills to account for but I really would be a little more social (read: total chatterbox) when comfortable.

So when it comes to dealing with people and being my usual worrisome self, it’s like dealing with the Pagan version of Negro Neurosis. Negro Neurosis is not being sure when a displeasing event occurred because you were unlucky or you simply were Black. The Pagan version would be me not knowing if the distance of friendship or reactions was because I really suck with people and they won’t tell me what’s wrong or because I’m Pagan and that squicks them out (perhaps a combo?) The best example of this is when I meet someone at a concert and they’re really warm and then out comes the fact that I’m Pagan either through friending each other on Facebook, I mention Black Witch or something and all of a sudden its pauses, careful wording and delayed responses as if, “Oh no! She’s really different. Not cutesy weird or mock weird or even artistic weird. She’s just plain weird and I have no idea how to interact.”

It really sucks.

Usually, when I have these issues with people, they’re tough to tackle. No one wants to look like the person who won’t be friends with someone because their faith is different but it doesn’t change the fact they may act that way. To tackle the subject can cause friction (which could have been avoided possibly) or become like pinning down a slippery fish. When I feel something is wrong in a friendship, I generally ask, “Is something wrong? We don’t seem to be getting along well” or something of the matter because, hey, might as well talk about a problem before it gets out of hand. Even when I have approached folks about it, I can be met with a stunting silence. I know some people would rather duck such a question to avoid hurt or abrasive feelings but if I’m at the point I have to outright ask what’s going on, we pretty much already punched out the “stung emotions” box on the Friendship Problems bingo card, might as well start getting things out in the open because been there, done that. Not a fun dance to just tease things out and slowly piece them together. I’ve lost the patience to wait for people to finally snap on me, have someone go from friend to fiend in what appears like a flash, cry over crumbling friendships. Instead, those things annoy me now. I take friendship seriously and if there is a problem I take that seriously, too, and rather fix a problem when it makes itself apparent.

When it is comes out that the fact I’m Pagan is an issue, I try to have a mini Q&A because honestly, whatever issue they have isn’t usually with my religion and its beliefs but whatever stigma they learned about it. I’m Pagan, the most harmful I get is that I want people to cut the rings in their six pack holders and I may ignore people if they have a cat/bird/hedgehog/dog/ferret in tow. Not exactly vicious. I rather get stuff like that out the way so that the friendship can grow unhindered, if it ever does. If it is about my personality, I just rather talk it out and see what is going on and how to fix it.

If anyone is wondering why I don’t outright cut off people the second they make me miffed or frustrated, firstly, that’s no way to have a friendship. Even a best friend will work your nerves from time to time because they are a separate person from you with their own thoughts and ideas. Plus, I’m simply a firm believer that sometimes people don’t even know that they’re doing something wrong unless notified and I am especially that. There have been times I unknowingly pissed someone off and didn’t find out until waaaaaaaaaaaay after the eruptive fall out because either a) they dropped really subtle hints that I never picked up or b) just got sick of dealing with me but didn’t want to talk to me about it when it first became a potential irritation.

It sucks trying making friends and not being entirely successful at it. Sucks even more when you learn part of it is because of your religion (or race, or gender). It’s really difficult when first encountering and easy to become bitter from because usually everyone tries to say they’re equal opportunity friendly, it isn’t always true. However, it’s up to you on if you want to maintain the tango of friendship, let them go or put your foot down. You don’t need to roll about with a big pentacle around your neck and you’ll learn – or have learned – that sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and take an L. Just move with what’s best for you but don’t be a doormat nor an explosive cannon.

And don’t forget: Hang out with Black Witch! Two events in Baltimore, Maryland!

BW Meet and Greet (April 14) : Let’s hang out and meet each other! This is the Black Witch Meet and Greet, where you can meet me, fellow readers and have fun. Located at the Washington Monument, (if it rains, we’ll be at the Central Library) this event is open to any and everyone. The meet and greet will be on April 14th starting at 1 PM EST and going to 4 PM. Be there! If this one is really successful, there will most likely be a monthly BW meet and greet.

Ka-ra-o-ke! Music Time With Black Witch! (May 5): I love singing and I especially love karaoke! So let’s do some karaoke together! We will gather at Rainbow Music Studio on 2126 Maryland 2 and have a room to sing the night away! Rooms prices are $35/hour for up to six people and increases by $10 when up to six more people show up (Ex: $45/hour for 12, $55/hour for 18, so on and so forth) so depending on how many people come, the price could be really small ($5.83 per person if up to six, $3.75 per person for up to twelve, so on and so forth) or bigger than that so although I will keep everyone updated, be sure to bring at least $15.

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