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It’s ask black witch! This month, I’ve gotten a lot of “Help Me, Help Me” type questions. Remember everyone, I don’t do spell requests, paid spellwork, pay for pray or anything even remotely in that thinking. If you’re a dabbler, I’m not going to fix or make you a spell to do. Let’s get into it.

I apologize for the lack of information. Its a very sensitive matter and not sure how much information you needed. If never posted on sites. Would I be okay if I explain “in more detail” via email? Then I can explain the story behind the jar and the itchy palm

– Ceychelle R.

She sent me further detail but the long story extremely short is sort of a classic when it comes to dabblers in magick: middle of divorce/love they are with is falling out and fast, they ask universe to send them someone else, they meet someone who sweeps them off their feet – and married to someone else, get promised a million times for a million miles “I’mma divorce them and be all yours!” (The super classic for “how to maintain a sidepiece”), the eventually dejected person starts toying with negative magick because it seems the married person is doing one thing but saying another. And they think a side effect is an itchy palm, hence come to me.

Welp, this story is probably not gonna have a happy ending, frankly. The itchy palm might not reflect anything, it sounds like cogniative bias. And that cognative bias sounds borne from a guilty conscious (like, Lady Macbeth levels). This is why I tell people not to dabble. Besides the fact they run to anyone else to play clean-up crew, it is not always fruitful. Heartbreak sucks, it’s a real killer. But it happens. And dating someone who is married is always a bad idea. Even with magick involved – especially with magick involved. Acting on negative will to harm others because you aren’t getting what you want (and in the case of a married person, what you want isn’t even yours to start with) is just going to lead to other bad things. It would be one thing if it was an open relationship, but it isn’t. It’s cheating, you kinda reaped what you sowwed. It’s not you should never date again, you should just try avoiding non-single people extensively (including to the point you dump them point-blank when you discover their non-single status.) That may work out a bit better.

1st time talking no to a witch! I’ll keep it short. I talk to about 3 psychics and they all say the same thing. I wanted to see if you see the problem too. I supposedly have a negative block on me. Not cursed but they say by someone I guess a spell. I’ve worked with 3 spell casters and they tell me it didn’t work. Now I’m pissed for getting too obsessed about it. But there are too many things that have proven all the misfortune it’s just killing me. Your the expert, I’m tired of hearing about it and hearing from 3 spell casters telling me they’re sorry and referring me some where Elise. I cannot keep living this ay. I want it gone or confirmation from an expert if it’s real and how we gonna kill it. Sorry for taking so much time. My dob [redacted] if that matters. Looking forward to hearing from you

First, let’s note the chicanery:

1st time talking no to a witch!

I’ve worked with 3 spell casters

It isn’t the first time. It’s time number four and as I, a Chinese speaker, note this as the fourth time, it’s time to kill this issue off so he won’t bother others.*

This is what I can best describe as being a “psychic hypochondriac”. There is some block on the person somewhere and it’s creating a 583674 car pile-up in their life. Unless they can find someone to remove it.

Chances are stupidly good nothing is too out of place with this person’s life. Unless they are going through serious storms in life (that can’t be ruled out by other life circumstances) it can very well be nothing. It also can be fixed possibly by guided meditation, they work well with removing blockages (assuming one exists). Doesn’t run folks broke but works just as well.

I’am a male but have always felt I was the wrong sex. Is it possible to become possessed by a female spirit? I would want her to have full control and would welcome her gladly. This is very serious for me and I do seek and desire this. Can you please help me to gain this. I fully would submit to this possession. Thank You so much for your help.

-Roy R.

Why do I get questions like these? This person needs to see a doctor about being trans, not bother a stranger over the internet for services they say over and over that they don’t do. (Don’t bother me about spell requests, ever)

And why be posessed? That hardly turns out well, especially when done for superficial reasons. (Being trans is important, yes, but not to the spirit that you are pretty much planning to keep in attempted bondage because somehow buying binders and finding support groups is much harder.) Just see a doctor.

*In Chinese, the phonetic word for “four” is also “death”.

There seems to be a mini movement in pop magick – called such because it is very surface and fluffy bunny – where brujeria is getting the same treatment that voodoo, hoodoo and smoke cleansing/smudging gets: everyone wants to do it, no one gets actually what it is.

Let’s start with the facts: Brujeria is “witchcraft” in Spanish. That’s it. There are so many different forms of actual brujeria such as Dominican Hoodoo, Santeria, etc etc etc. There is more than one kind. And involves a wholly hell of a lot more than sage sticks and very threadbare, culturally appropriated flavors of feminism.

I want to call it “orientalism” because that’s what it sounds like but I’m certain there is probably a version of the word for Latin culture getting the same treatment.

Orientalism, for those that don’t know, is the “well-meaning” racist practice of treating a culture (usually the far east) as if it is window dressing to Western existence. It’s Buddha heads, “mystical” practices of feng shui or tai chi, saying one believes in the yin-yang but a) pronounce it wrong and b) doesn’t really get that it’s far more than “there’s good and bad to everything”…things like that.

Now, it’s Latin America’s turn and with people who honestly have no idea what they are doing.

I first was asked about it by Everyday Feminism. I was genuinely confused as I never mention brujeria at all on my blog (because I don’t generally practice it – I’m Afro-Caribbean American, not Afro-Latin American) but I’m being asked pretty in-depth questions about it as if I have. The article never got posted as far as I know. I think the person asking was hoping I’d be more “grrrrrrrrrrrrrl powwa! Sage away Nazis! Rawr!” than I have ever portrayed myself in the history of my blog but I gave the usual “here’s some info” that I portray more. It weirded me out because I saw inklings around Tumblr but I just thought people were…y’know, not taking it seriously. Or letting Latinx folks having their space. Newp.

Here’s the thing: I don’t mind cultural practice, it’s bullsh*t that concerns me more. If it smells pop, it probably is. I’ve now seen more people (non-Latin, not-Hispanic, nada espanol anything) toting it about, even other minorities/PoC who never touched anything remotely Latin outside of a midnight run for Taco Bell. It’s odd to go from one end to, now, all of a sudden wanting to work with Spanish magick…or just magick with a Spanish name because it sounds different – even if the practices they use are about as White or non-Latin as all get out. That’s a problem because Latin magick and witchcraft is an authentic and varied practice with a lot of backgrounds (*cough*and deities*cough*) but it’s getting condensed into stuff that is more fitting on American Horror Story when they had the witchy season (I have never seen the show but I always see it floating about, or at least its aesthetics when stuff like this gets mentioned). That’s not good.

I am not a fan of snatching someone else’s culture and parading it as your own because it sounds different. Brujeria is very general, and it sounds supportive of minorities but not really. It’s just a thin sheet of “we don’t know what you are because we don’t and we still want to take from you so here”. This is what happens all the time when folks lump indigenous practices together (“These stem from the native americans” – which one? Lumbee? Blackfoot? Sioux? There’s a lot of various tribes. We haven’t even gotten to Latin indigenous tribes like the Aztecs and Mayans) and act as if that is being inclusive when really it’s not. Spanish culture is already super different and diverse, so would be the magickal practices. Someone who is Chicano will have a different history from someone who is Puerto Rican, who will have a different history from someone who is Dominican, who is…you get the point.

Long story short, it sounds magnificent on the surface but you don’t have to get that far past the surface to see that it is something that it very much isn’t. It’s better to do your research than plow head first into being a foolish person that just wants to dabble and feel cool.


Ah, a group I was in had kittens over a complaint I had about lack of diversity. They simply booted me out without known warning. I didn’t think the response would be that bad but then, again, this is what happens pretty common in White dominated spaces, especially the ones that try to present themselves as “forward-thinking”.

They go “we don’t tolerate prejudice. We don’t like racism, sexism, etc etc” It’s usually a hint to what they will accept if it can be subtle. And not even super subtle, just simply omit the usual words that make it brash and they’re fine. In White dominated spaces, this is super true about racism. Saying the “n-word” is (sorta) not okay (I say “sorta” because it doesn’t stop them from trying) but using AAVE/ebonics and doing verbal Blackface is consider fine despite them being forms of racism. White dominated groups think they’re fine if they just avoid the usual slurs and that the Black person noting that it is not is a “troublemaker”.

When I brought up the whole “hey, this place has a diversity problem”, one person brought up that the subject of racism is a trigger for them (it’s a space for people with trauma disorders so the term “trigger” is appropriately used here) but here’s the thing, well, two things: a) the talk of racism is a trigger but acting it out is not? b) I’m usually okay with people having odd triggers because the traumatized brain works very, very odd (I explained this in a previous post) but a White person saying racism is their trigger is like Warren Buffett saying investing and money is his trigger. In a way, it is a bit odd because how could a White person be more troubled about racism than a Black person to the point it’s a psychological trauma trigger? They’re not killed as a result of it, they have far better opportunities in life from the existence of it, it really helps them out immensely. Not to mention, if anyone should have a trigger about racism, it should probably be the Black person. They’re the one that has to worry if the police officer on their street will turn into a cold-blooded murderer. They have to worry if a White person won’t try to mow a group of their peers down in a car or air out their business, place of worship or school because they feel entitled to do so. They have to watch videos and pictures of ice-cold murders or acts of prejudice of people who look exactly like them be circulated on the internet like trading cards. That is traumatizing. That could easily create a trigger for a Black person because it is a repeated enough trauma to very much count. To say that simply the subject of it is triggering but to engage in it all the same? That sounds less like an actual trigger and more like a “this makes me uncomfy as a White person”, especially since I hear this from other White people who also engage in racism and don’t have trauma disorders. They just don’t call it “triggers”, they just say something equally stupid like, “this causes bad vibes” or “ we don’t tolerate racism, you’re just blowing it out of proportion”. I know this because this is what I commonly run in to in White-dominated groups.

Here’s the kit and kaboodle, the trauma disorder group I was in usually has people in the chat all day long just going “I’m so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay/traaaaaaaaaaaaans/queeeeeeeeeeeeer/etc.” Being happy in who you are in the face of adversary is fine but then there is this overdoing it to the point it practically seems like they’re not and they’re joking like cis straight people. That and given their uncomfiness with racism, I think if someone came in there and said “I have so much melanin! My skin is loooooovely. I’m so Blaaaaaaaaaaack,” it would probably make people act shifty. Like, the White folks in the group can chat about their family history heritage but it’s not as accepted to joke about how family history for a Black person is way more murky (I think I only know who’s who in my family up to my great grandparents and relatives on my mom’s side. Up to my grandparents on my dad’s side). It makes White people “uncomfortable” the realities of historical racism and institutionalized racism. Here’s the thing: it happened and it’s not that lava hot a subject unless it’s made to be. Not every time a Black person talks about their lived experience is a construct to induce White Guilt (which is a pathetic and selfish concept in and of itself). We don’t exist as walking life lessons to a White person. We are people also.

It’s really annoying that I can’t participate in the groups I want because if I bring up that there are any issues, it gets iced out as “she’s causing problems for our happy group!” but they also want to say “we don’t have problems and prejudice here and if we do, we root them out”. They don’t, they just root out the person that says, “hey, here is a problem.”

And this is usually a big problem in White dominated spaces. Even official ones. I remember being in a hospital for my disorders and was told that the idea of being afraid of police is an act of paranoia because police officers are here to help and be trusted. If you’re White, this is absolutely true, you get Officer Friendly, here to protect and serve. If you’re Black, you get Officer Jigsaw, here to maim and sever. It’s not irrational for a Black person to see a cop come near them and think, “Great, I’m about to die.” Then there’s the fact that you can’t talk about racism as a trauma because the doctors (who are usually White) get really, really defensive about that, especially if you note that they don’t have diverse doctors at all. Like, if you try, they say you’re getting aggressive, even if you’re calm about it. And if they think you’re aggressive, congrats, you risk getting snowed with pills (unless you’re good at knowing your patient rights) all because you brought up that prejudice does indeed exist and can indeed cause psychological damage to a person.

Having blinders on is acutely annoying, to say the least. Especially since a White person in the group made an all call saying, “Hey, we should have more diverse youtubers about trauma disorders” and it’s accepted politely but I mention, “Hey, we need more diverse voices because hearing White people use AAVE is annoying”, I am booted. Granted a person could say, “your version was harsh” but I don’t think there really is a nice way to say it. And the way said is already “nice” enough. It’s a problem, not a compliment, the basis of the statement isn’t “nice” in and of itself.

Frankly, what is it with White people and they wanting to appear forward-thinking and good but really don’t want to put in any effort to do so? Especially when it comes on the ground of racism? They want a trophy and ceremony for being non-prejudiced buuuuuuut when it is brought to their attention, they have a conniption about it at the person who said it is an issue, especially if they themselves are not White. If this is how groups keep their spaces “drama-free” or “problem-free”, it just builds an echo chamber that deludes itself in thinking that it is forward-thinking because they got rid of all dissenters instead of tackling the problem.

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