It’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry that there hasn’t been any new postings for a while, all columns have been put on temp hiatus on AfroPunk for the AfroPunk Festival. Now that the AfroPunk Fest is over, expect a new post in about a week or two. And thank you all to those who came up and said hi to me at the AfroPunk Festival, it was very nice of you!

Since I want this place running well, I have already made it a Twitter so you can be updated of future posts and events I’m going to there instead of checking here or my personal blog constantly. I’m not accustomed to Twitter (or Facebook) but I’ll try for this. If you really wanna see what I’m up to, I still recommend visiting my personal blog in the “Links of Interest” box.

And speaking of events, you can catch me at Artscape in Baltimore, MD between July 16-18th. Be there!