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Angelica Temoche
During the Black Witch Ustream chat on Halloween, I got a lot of complements on my blue mini crown! It actually was made of recycled materials and fabric by my friend Angelica (Spiralred on the Ustream chat). Angelica is very multi-talented as she snaps my photos:

And in addition, she has also made a lot of my staple lolita outfits, such as my basic petticoat that I use all the time, my bloomers and the mini crown. Angelica also makes a lot of her own lolita clothes (which is a very useful skill because the fashion can easily run very expensive, such as $300 for a simple dress, not including staples of the look). Since she makes and designs a lot of her own things, I felt it would be best to feature her to showcase her talents. She’s very artistically talent as she is very DIY with sewing, photography and definitely more! 

Check out her stuff and buy from her store, Sumptuary Crime. Remember, she does custom work so you can choose a style as unique as your tastes and it is all handmade down to the lace so you can be assured no one else will ever have an exact replica! To see her artwork (and keep up with what she’s doing), here is her Livejournal blog 

I am a strong purveyor of poetry. I feel it is important in its form of expression and poetry in Black culture can easily be seen as the little brother to true hip hop. I saw the Poem-cees while watching Def Poetry and their piece “Cheatin’” is really what took my attention:

This is what the poetry duo has to say about themselves:

For over ten years now, POEM-CEES have stood on the cutting edge as innovators of the national Hip-Hop/spoken word movement. The excitement of their early works in Washington DC’s vibrant arts community soon led to tours & performances across the country. Their fun, insightful approach to hip-hop has earned them multiple awards as well as invitations to open for such national acts as the Fugees, the Roots, Erykah Badu & Jill Scott . Three seasons performing on HBO’s Def Poetry has since led to projects for larger groups such as SEIU, AIG, Youthbuild & the NFL Network. Despite their busy schedules, they still devote much of their time & energy to cultivating young artists in the DC metro area. Their love of Hip-Hop culture creates an automatic connection with people of all ages, and their dedication to the craft of poetry enhances their presentations & workshops with great energy & spontaneity that must be seen to be believed. Simply put, there is NO one doing it like the POEM-CEES can do it

They’re very creative and you should hear some more of their selections here:

And also they have a free mixtape out called “Solitaire: Everything  You’ve Never Wanted”

I found her work through a thread on African American Wiccans and found it to be a wonderful Black Pagan vlog. I really like her insight and it’s wonderful to show that not all Pagan think alike, we’re allowed to have and express our own opinions. Here are a few of her videos:

“Why I Like the Term ‘Witch’”

“What is a Shadow Journal?”

I find her take on ethical spellworking issues really interesting, such as hexing and jinxing (a hotbed topic in the Witchy world, expect plenty columns about this in the future)

“Hexing, Cursing and Self Control”

Not like many Pagans, Shazzypbear is not incredibly Goddess-focused. Here is her take on who is God:

“Who Is God?”

Her vlog is definitely something worth checking out, especially for Black Pagans because there simply isn’t enough of us. Here’s her sites:


Human Machine (Cindy Chi)
I just discovered this on a lolita community I am apart of and thought it was so adorable I had to share it with everyone! It’s so well done! If features a lolita and plays on the emphasis of the idea of a machine. You must watch!

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