Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! The very last day to hustle and bustle for that perfect or popular present and travellin. If you’re gonna be dealing with TSA and their T&A procedures, you may like this line of clothing called Fourth Amendment Shirts. For my international readers (and victims of the American education system), the Fourth Amendment is one entry of the 10-part Bill of Rights in the American constitution that solidifies an American citizen’s right to privacy and warrants against unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure. Thanks Emily for the recommendation.

Because this is so ridiculously cute and adorable, a Lupe Fiasco and KRS-One Christmas battle as Santa (KRS) and Blitzen (Lupe) battle it out.

I saw this short documentary on AfroPunk and thought it was stunning, titled “Bring Your A Game”. It focuses on the problems of Black boys and how it will influence them as they become Black men. It asks an all star group of Black men from Lupe Fiasco to Cornel West to Ice Cube to Spike Lee and more. Not only does it investigates the problems that could befall Black boys but also the solutions they could take, regardless where they are in life.

Since WordPress is being its occasional wack self with media (i.e.~ not playing), here it is!

African-American Wiccan Society
Different from the Yahoo group African-American Wiccans, AAWS is a new website meant strictly for Black Pagans, Wiccans and Witches alike. A great resource site for Black Pagans to gather information and meet other Black Pagans such as themselves. It’s still rather new (created in August this very summer) so some parts are still undone and kinda rough around the edges but all in all, this is a wonderful site to look at. I’ve found a slew of sites that caters to Black Paganism just by idly perusing the site, it really is wonderful!

Wanna meet up with other like-minded Black Pagans in your area? AAWS has set up a Meetup page for all Black Pagans. You can make a Meetup account or sign in with your Facebook account. This is new so get it moving and start meeting other Black Pagans just like you!

African-American Wiccans Society Meetup page
AAWS Twitter

The PunkWitch255
I stumbled upon this vidcaster when looking at Shazzypbear’s videos. I thought she was brilliant and had to put her on here. She, just like Shazzypbear, is fairly new to the craft but I love her insight.

Here is her Introduction and altar (you might want to turn your speakers up a bit, the video is a bit soft)

She goes very in-depth with her beliefs and it’s wonderful to see her showcase what a normal Witch looks and acts like. She made a trip to mind, body and spirit fair and shows off her wares for her representations of the God and Goddess as well as some Witchy tools.

In her latest video, she discusses Yule, showcases her Yule altar and being a thrifty Pagan as well as updates on her Book of Shadows (BOS)

I just found this while looking at a Janelle Monae tour video and thought it was very lovely. Apparently surreal artist Salvador Dali worked with Walt Disney to create this magnificent piece. Goldappleberry had set it to music in Monae’s recent album The ArchAndroid, performing “Sir Greendown”, “Cold War” and “Tightrope” in their relative succession since Janelle Monae was struck with inspiration from the short film for “Sir Greendown”. I thought it was lovely and fitting, see for yourself:

Hey, notice Links of Interest is a little longer? I added three more links to the list: Godchecker, African American Wiccan Society and Greater Than AIDS. I felt these sites would provide invaluable information for all readers so I threw them up there. Use them!

Next week is Ask Black Witch! Very last Black Witch post of the year, send in questions! Merry Christmas!