Hey, remember when I wrote that BW PSA about the Lupe Fiasco protest aptly called Fiasco Friday? Well, Atlantic Records heard the many voices, saw the many signatures and were convinced to finally release Lasers. It makes me very happy to see that there is still movement and trust in the power of the people and especially in an industry that relys so much on sedated ears and rather treadmill thinking – but that’s for Fandom and the Fan.

Wanna listen to some of the tracks? Here you go: (Edited so you can listen to them here. WMG is such a drag)

The Show Goes On ( I love how they used Modest Mouse song “Float On” as the loop.)

Words I Never Said

All Black Everything

Want more? Try your hand at getting a copy of Lasers on this here column. I will be picking the winner on the date of Lasers drop date, March 8th, all you have to do is send me an email with “Travelin’ Light: Laser Giveaway” in the subject line with your name and email. The winner will be contacted for their physical address and have the copy of Lasers shipped to them.

Don’t wanna wait so long for a Fiasco album? Lupe’s hears you, here’s a QR Code he’s provided

And you may use Red Laser but here’s a bunch of other QR readers for smartphones and non-smartphones alike!

And did you guess correct? Travelin’ Light is a Billie Holiday song. If you’re a Lupe Fiasco fan, she should sound familar because she was actually referenced to in “Superstar”: “I need a holiday like lady who sung blue”

Be blazin’.