April is National Poetry Month. While I don’t believe in relegating a theme to months (hence why I had nothing in particular for February), I do like this theme because it brings me such happy memories. I wanted to have a literary contest for this month but I became too busy for that and will do it next year as tradition. Also be sure to read all the way to the bottom because I have some nifty announcements!

The 5th L/Dri Fish

The 5th L is a duo of Baltimorean poets who are very insightful in their lyrics and words. Always talking about Black life without getting depressing but remaining realistic. Consisting of members Dri Fish and Native Son, they’re one of many well known poets in the Baltimore underground poetry scene and deserve it well.

Sadly, I couldn’t land any vids to show due to wordpress’ derpiness (I’m trying to get that solved, honest) but here is where you can listen to 5th L works

Dri Fish recently branched off to do his own work within music moreso than poetry. However, he still uses poetry to express his flow.

Definitely look up Dri Fish’s work here if you’re interested

Arightie folks, I’m about to get a bit random because the point of this The Arts is to focus on poetry, not features and that’s what I’m gonna do. How? By being a leettle lazy and plumbing through my Def Poetry likes. Then I will chuck Black poetry books at you and we call it a day, dig?

This poem right here, this next poem is pretty much for every Black kid in a White Uni (ha, like I am, I have to admit, I really can’t stand that place very much right now but I’ll leave the ranting to my personal blog)

While institutional education gets on my very last nerves, it is important to have an education (not mis-education), especially if you’re Black and living in – well, anywhere in the world.

This poet is absolutely amazing, simply stunning and is a wonderful reminder that good poetry is diverse. Makes me so happy that I stalk Angry Asian Man’s site for more of her work.

Now, there’s one other poem that I wanted to show that was amazing on Def Poetry. A man standing solo, tapping his foot, mimicking the dribble of a ball. “One boy, one ball, one dream” I believe he said. It was fantastic but I couldn’t find it. If anyone can, it will be up here mad quick. That and the poem Savion Glover tapped for.

There are far more poets than these to feature but that means this would be the longest column I ever had – and what about content for next year? Or any upcoming The Arts? Definitely look up some poets for yourself, there is a rich history of poetry in Black culture (and other cultures) and it even serves as the undercurrent of hip hop – take note just about every good emcee worth noting has shown up on Def Poetry, it’s even hosted by Mos Def.

That’s The Arts for now! Next week is Ask Black Witch, send in your questions! Oh! and here’s some new stuff for Black Witch! There’s an address you can write to:

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Also, I gave this some pondering but I thought, why not? Black Witch is now accepting donations to keep the site (and writer of it) running. Keep the cauldron of paid bills happy here*. Also you can mail checks and money orders to the physical address. I figured also this would be a good start for the creation of the Black Witch Shoppe, getting it ready for the first BW book Black Witch: Life from the Black Pagan Perspective, Vol. 1, and giving this blog/column a chance to be a little something more so be on the lookout for even more new stuff as this column nears its first year anniversary on June 9th! I’m very excited.

*If there are any problems or issues with donating or other money stuff, please say so and we can work it out.