I have just learned on Monday that Black Witch has been nominated in the Faith Category for the Black Weblog Awards. I am very excited as I have been waiting all year for this opportunity. I really would like to win this, it would be very much awesome. First Black Pagan blog to win a BWA, I like the sound of that very very much. Plus, I’ve never been to L.A., where the first ever live Black Weblog Awards show will be conducted on July 9. Very exciting indeed!

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Vote: (Here’s the ballot)
– Fill out your email (no spam, BWA just wants to know there’s a human voting)
– Scroll down to Faith-based Blogs (6th category) and select Black Witch
– Scroll down more till you see “Next Page” and click on that till you see “Submit” (Feel free to look at the other blogs if you like, some are really cool!)
– Done! You’ll get an email saying you voted. It’s one vote per computer.

To go to LA for the Awards Ceremony:
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