Tomorrow is the very last day to give and send Black Witch to the Black Weblog Awards in L.A. and to represent the Black Pagan Community on a global scale. The funds cover airfare and stay.

It is already a great opportunity to be a part of the Black Weblog Awards but what would be better is to actually be there and help put a face on the Black Pagan faith, a faith that is often ignored in favor for the Abrahamic religions, Christianity in particular. The Faith category in the Black Weblog Awards is usually dominated by Christian blogs and occasionally Islam or even Atheist but never anything besides that. Already it is noteworthy that a Black Pagan blog has made it as a finalist but I think it would be even better to physically be in L.A. to accept the award. The Black Weblog Awards is one of the biggest Black blogger competitions worldwide so it would definitely be a recognized act, especially with the first live ceremony they will have this year.

If you are a Black Pagan and always wanted to see your own succeed, now is your chance to help through giving. If you just want to see a different faith accepting the award, now is your chance through giving (and voting). Success don’t come 100% by itself, sometimes help is needed and now I need your help, readers, in getting me to L.A. to represent the column and Black Paganism as a whole.

There’s $260 left and you can donate either $5, $10 or $20 at the Black Witch ChipIn. Please help out, it ends tommorow.

– Black Witch

[EDIT] I was given an idea by a friend of mine, Kevin, that to convince donations, I should give a raffle. I think this is a good idea so I’m throwing together a grab-bag now of raw stone pendants, incense, candles and more! Raffle tickets will start at $2 and the raffle itself most likely will extend to the 18th  (or 22nd, details are still up in the air). There may be an option between two different grab bags so stay tuned. Another post will be made around midnight with all the details.