A new year, a new column topic: psionics.

Now, I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while but the thing about chatting about psionics is pretty much, well, if you think naysayers about witchcraft is bad (“There’s no such thing as witches! Just crazy people.”), naysayers for psionics are simply toxic because we’re starting to trump into a level of metaphysics and energy manipulation that is incredibly reminiscent of sci-fi movies and books. Just like witchcraft, a lot of psionics is energy manipulation, meditation and practice but the responses to it, especially from the over-skeptical crowd, is pretty deafening to the point that I even thought about not talking about it in the column at all because I seriously don’t feel like dealing with the “Oh yeah? Prove it!” people because, well, I was curious myself but at least I’m willing to believe something after seeing enough proof. Science is great but so often abused when in the hands of a douchebag with limited life experience.

Alright then, for those simply scratching your heads at what psionics is, it’s really the more modern term of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) so within the field of psionics is a myriad of topics ranging from psychokinesis to remote viewing to pretty much anything to do with the mind and energy (which I may call “chi” from time to time since I’ve had that term beaten into my head from martial arts) and how it works with matter. Psions are people who practice anything with psionics.

I’ve always been interested in psionics growing up, I think it’s pretty cool. I have had some experiences myself with it that I’ll perhaps share in future columns and I have friends that are actually pretty successful with it, particularly with telekinesis (oi, I feel like an otaku writing that) to the point that it became old hat and even boring sometimes. Even I admit to sometimes seeing people move a psiwheel (a handmade device meant to practice energy movement) spinning and felt a sense of “Seen it, do something new.” There’s a lot to it, though because it is, well, basically energy movement, which serves as a good jump-off point for other practices in psionics.

Are there weirdos in the field of psionics? Yeeeeees. Too many. Too many X-Men wannabes, people who have read a little too much sci-fi and people who so desperately fish for any idea that slightly resembles “cool”. They’re the ones that make it super easy to discredit any psionic because they’re fluffy bunnies in the way that they seriously don’t know what they’re talking about, can’t do a single bit of it and just are the loudest and worst examples. They prowl about on the message boards blabbering and attempting to brag that they did anything that could be grandiose. The Japanese earthquake? They did that. The headache you just had? Responsible for that too. They pretend they are the ruler of the universe when really they are nothing more than an insecure child trying ever too hard to be unique and stand out. Think of obnoxious otakus (weeaboos they are sometimes called, read weeaboostories if you don’t know what it is) and how they take on aloof or overly bubbly anime characters. Yep. I usually duck them because they’re very easy to spot by their overzealousness but boy, are they a pest.

Back when there were few sites to really gather at for people serious in this stuff, it was a lot harder to showcase practice because of lower pixilation of cameras and the absence of a convenient cameras at that. If you didn’t have a camera for a long time, you either could only describe what you did through text, leaving room for fakers who wanted to grab for any attention they could possibly get and live in their fantasy pseudo-Marvel comic world, or just keep to yourself and ask questions when questions came up. I used to be on PsiOnline but I think it’s a dead forum now.

Now that it is easier to showcase practice with higher definition cameras, youtube and better internet connections, it really is great to see the recorded processes of tk practitioners who are getting along well with what they’re doing, getting more creative and adding more obstacles but I think some of the obstacles that get added are mainly attempts to silence people who go “Faaaaaaaaake, I can do that myself with [insert tech here].” Such as with this video of a youtuber that I subscribe to who’s part of a psionics group I have found a while ago (there are new groups as some of the old ones have faded away due to aging members not being able to post as much or with social media). He’s doing Air Stasis, basically working against air currents:

(I also love that this telekinetic is Black, makes me very happy because the psionic field has the same problem Paganism does: Too White.)

Regardless what people say, I am happy to see psionic practice still going on and well at that. It is annoying to hear skeptic after skeptic to the point that even when you do have someone who’s a success at it, they keep it to themselves because no one wants that kind of harsh spotlight. I haven’t done it myself in a while because my time has gotten quite restricted over time but I do admire those who are doing it because, well, it’s just fun and it is amazing to see how far the mind can go.

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