I love short films. It’s practically the only reason why I go to yearly summer arts festival Artscape each and every year. They’re so amazing, actually have content and are very creative and inventive. I’m tellin’ you, the silver screen and the small screen are missin’ out wasting their time with stereotypes and worn out minds focused on the next sequel. Short films showcase what films should be: touching, funny, thoughtful, interesting and most of all, diverse. Even when short films visit time old subjects of love, happiness, friendship, hardship, personal reflection, etc etc etc, it’s seen through a fresh perspective.

Here are some notables before going to the features

“Now At Last (Made In China)”

I spotted this above vid on Angry Asian Man, I found it to be very cute and touching. Plus Angry Asian Man had it right, “The simple story of this little mechanical guy has a million times more heart than a single second of all three Transformers movies combined.” I agree ever so much.

It should be known that I like graffiti. A lot. It’s part of any city’s character and a venue of voice from those who are marginalized. I don’t think that art should be sitting in a boring building to be stared at and talked about as if it’s the holy grail of mankind by people who are practically coughing dust and had every sense of art beaten out of them by the time they’ve made it to curator status. Art should blend and be expressive, not how well someone can draw according to some school of logic. Graffiti is very genuine in art. Just because it doesn’t have a frame around it or have some rich White guy doting over its minute details or some dopey middle class White kid pretending they understand it doesn’t make it any less than a creation. Graffiti is not an eyesore and it’s not vandalism. That would be the advertisements bombarding you from each and every way before you can step out your door. Now that’s an eyesore and vandalism altogether.

“Muto: A Wall Painted Animation by Blu”

Never one to pass up on politicals. This next notable talks about the history of evil as man perceives it and is quite stunning – and pretty accurate.

“A History of Evil”

Now that we’re done with the notables, onward to the features!

Sijia Luo “Kidnapped”
I saw this at the recent Artscape that happened last month. It was so amazing and adorable it must be shared. It’s about a little chick and why it was late.

Vancouver Film School
The VFS I have found while passing through Youtube looking for short films, actually. It can sometimes be hard to get a hand on some short films because they have a limited run and are for select markets (i.e. the audiences of SXSW, Maryland Film Festival, Sundance, etc). VFS I don’t know much background on but their films are very outstanding and an amazing reflection of diverse talent they have at that school. Here are a few:

“The Room”

“Heavy Lifting”

“Common Senses”

“The Moon”

Amazing, huh?

Wong Fu Productions
A constant feature on Angry Asian Man, I love their short films and the fact that they make films directed at the Asian-American audience as well as reflect the Asian-American culture which, just like Black culture, is not monolithic and filled to the brim with stereotypes but with people. An idea that mainstream media fails to get almost each and every time like friggin’ clockwork.

This video I discovered by one of my friends, Tim and I thought it was hilarious! Watch:

“Kung Fooled”

A vid I discovered again through Angry Asian Man also by Wong Fu Productions:

“Too Fast”

There are many short films out there to be watched and they are very stunning indeed. It does show that not all media is becoming dull, you just need someone different behind the camera once in a while.

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