This is the last post and Ask Black Witch of 2011. Yurp. So let’s hop to it!

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am 10 years old. I heard about Wicca when I was 9, and was truly fascinated by it. I tried spells (I didn’t know how to become a witch yet) and they did not worked, well actually 1 did. I would like to ask you, how can you become a witch? Some people say you get anointed, others say you can just say you are one and you are, or make a ritual, or learn a lot about it for 1 year? But what is the true way? And how old do you have to be to become a witch? Some say any age can do it, while others say only the ones that are not young, greedy, and self-centered. I’m desperate!!! :(:(:( THX

Jennifer L.

Welp, you have got to be the youngest reader that I have had so far. You sound like you’re on the right path already by doing some reading. I remember when I started out and what intrigued me most about witchcraft was the spellwork but I have to caution you to keep it slow. Stay on the studies and don’t worry so much on the spells.

As for becoming a Witch, you’re right through and through. You can get anointed, you can simply say you are one, you could have a ritual and you could study for a year. All these ways are considered legit and it’s up to the practitioner what they choose is right for them. Some initiation methods can be combined such as dedicating to research and practice for a year and saying that you are a witch, you could have a ritual where you are anointed, it depends on the Pagan/Wiccan. I went with the research and considered myself a witch method. Regardless what method you chose, keep studying.

Now, you don’t have to be a particular age to be a witch – though any age that the person is competent enough to know what they’re doing is best. But that also opens up the debate of someone being a natural Witch, in opposed to being a trained Witch. The main difference is that a natural Witch is very intuitive in their practice and always was growing up. A trained Witch is that, someone who worked really hard to get to where they are. Regardless of being a natural Witch or a trained Witch, research is necessary no matter what. Even Mozart had to be taught how to play an instrument and how to write music.

Being young doesn’t mean that you’re automatically greedy and self-centered – I mean, look at Wall St and Congress – and many people who started on their metaphysical path started young. I did, a lot – if not all – my friends did. Nothing is wrong with being young and learning the craft. The only issue is just if you’re being childish about it all and that can occur at any age. So just keep up your studies and don’t do it just for the spells. Spells aren’t everything.

I’m assuming your a real witch. You can do spells, right? If so, can you cast a spell that’ll make someone get out of my life…? If you can i’ll give you their name.. and even their license plate number.. !! Just please tell me you know how to get rid of them. I hope it cost no money. Does it…? If not I’ll give you name and whatever else you need.Please write back!!!

– Alexis S.

Okay, I think either my column/blog is getting more popular or something wack is happening because I’ve gotten quite a few emails that sound just like this one. They’re spell requests and bear all the same signs as this letter does: poor writing, assumption that I’m actually going to do the spell, very poor reasoning and apparently the writer missed like an airplane that I don’t do hexes and I don’t do how-to on spells here on Black Witch.

To answer this person’s question: Yes I’m a real witch. And I do spells. No I’m not going to cast a spell to get someone out of your life. Too much energy to waste on someone I don’t know and for all I know, had a hand in her own misery. Please, no need to give me their name and license plate number – why don’t you mess up their car yourself? I don’t know, key it, put sugar in the tank, cut the brakes, whatever. I don’t know why I would be given their license plate for a random hex, am I supposed to crash their car or something? Report them to the DMV for unpaid parking tickets?

I don’t charge for spellwork, never had but honestly what you’re asking for – just hire a freakin’ hitman if this person bothers you that much… or maybe you should try working it out with the person that bugs you. It certainly would make you look less stupid than you do right now being so foolish. But maybe you would prefer a spell for better grammar and writing skill?

Allow me to ask what is Yule?
And I have another question: what is the requirement for a spell to be casted?

– Kemp M.

Yule is the Pagan’s winter holiday to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the groundwork of Christmas. It’s either celebrated on December 21st or the 22nd, depending on what day the sun goes from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This year it was on the 22nd. The best explanation and history of the 12 day holiday would be this wiki about Yule.

What’s the requirement of a spell:

1) Know what the hell you’re doing – you can’t just hop around a tree with a tube sock tied around your neck and expect something is going to happen (besides you looking like a complete moron)

2) Do research – spellwork actually does require study and I mean real study, not reading Harry Potter over and over again. That means knowing history, biology, philosophy, chemistry, anthropology, to name a few. Research helps give meaning and explanation for whatever you’re doing.

3) No dabbling – Not a witch? Don’t do witchcraft.