Hey! Hey listen! Hey! Hey listen! I did an 8 min video on Ustream about a mini update on the book, go and watch it!

Usually I don’t have academic stuff because I hate putting people to sleep but I thought this video was very interesting. Done by Sut Jhally and titled “Why America Can’t Think Straight about Race (Even With a Black President)”

Now onward and forward

10th Hour

I was at my friend’s Femi the DriFish performance last month and this was one of the better performances of the night. For a fairly new band, they have some pretty strong sound.

Listen to their music, it’s pretty good.

They’re starting out and already hit it rather lucky as they’re about to tour [with who?] so if you liked what you heard, seek them out.


The Witch and the Babe

I was shown quite a funny host of videos over the month so it won’t be just the video that I allude to. This video was shown to me by my friend, Harle. It’s a joke about how Beyonce had struck up an agreement with a witch a long time ago for her voice. Just watch, it’s hilarious.

Then another video I was shown was about how to get a boyfriend. Amber had posted this to her FB and I thought it was amazing:

And Winona shown me this video that I think is so funny. It’s how I feel sometimes when reviewing Black history (actual Black history, not White-washed nonsense), having someone try to overlook my race in race discussion – or pretend it’s a non-issue (*cough*plennyo’whitepagans*cough*) – or sometimes how I see racial solidarity overkill.

And that’s The Arts! Next week is Ask Black Witch! Send in questions! And remember, a series is coming up “Comin’ Straight Outta Your Monolith”