Soooo, I couldn’t wrangle a column out of the guest writer for this week so that mean you all shall watch videos.

Here is Terrence Brown (Janelle Monae’s keyboardist) in his side project All Cows Eat Grass. The song is “We All Win” and I find it cute in a derpy/kitten.gif kinda way. And the project name reminds me of my high school and middle school music classes. Aniwae –

The next performer is Nikki Lynette. She’s really cool to talk to and with great personality. I do hope she’ll be at the Afro-Punk Festival someday.

One of my favorites is “Live and Let Die” (Beware, sound lag)

Annnnnnd cuz this column was ever so late, impromtu Black Witch Ustream chat at 10:30 PM EST tonight! Where I shall derp like I have never derped before!