It’s The Arts!, huzzah! This one is going to be very video filled so get your popcorn and candies!

“Mister Rococo”

This was short film from back in the summer I believe which featured a Lolita that loved all things cute and adorable. Then she met the apple of her eyes, who sadly only liked tough wrestler girls so the Lolita is off to prove that she can be cute and tough! Watch:

Sh*t Lolitas Say

Yep, same meme, different application and by two members of the Lolita community.

The first is by gitsforfits (did you think “gitsfortits” too?)

Sh*t Lolitas Say 1

Sh*t Lolitas Say 2

Sh*t Lolitas Say 3

This one is by a brolilta (a guy dressing in Lolita), Basil, who is part of deerstalkerpictures

Sh*t Lolitas Say 1

Sh*t Lolitas Say 2

Sh*t People Say to Lolitas

This was very much enjoyed by the Lolita community. I loved it myself because the least favorite part of dressing the way that I do is the attention that I get. I practically loathe it to be honest but it is funny to see the satire of what people actually say to us on the regular.

Sh*t People Say to Lolitas 1

Sh*t People Say to Lolitas 2

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