Everyone! I am finally doing the Princeless raffle! The prize is the first four physical books (#1-4) of the comic Princeless. This is such an amazing series, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself and it’s a wonderful gift for any little Black girl or even grown up Black girls! Here lies a stunning story that turns the idea of the helpless princess/damsel in distress theme on its side! Read the first issue here!

Want your own copy of the first four books? Here are the prices (USD) for raffle tickets:

1 ticket: $1
5 tickets: $3
10 tickets:$7

Odds of winning depends on how many tickets you buy. The winner will be picked on July 27th. Click on which ticket amount you prefer to purchase, you’ll get an email with your ticket number(s) and you’re a participant! Good luck everyone! And be sure to pass the word around!