Hm, second straight month with no questions. I guess I need to do a better job in promoting the submission methods. Ah well, that leaves me a free space yet again where I’m free to do whatever I want. Maybe I’ll focus on derp question. These questions are poorly asked, fairly stupid and just overall bad questions. I know some folks said that I should accept anon and that would get me more questions – and they’re not wrong exactly – but here’s the funny thing about anon: It just gives people a mask to be mean and nasty moreso than ask relevant questions. Since I’m a race and religion blog, that intersection can bring all sorts of bigots out of the woodwork. I rather those folks identify themselves as much as possible and huzzah, the fact they have to keeps them at bay, which is exactly what I want.

Before I continue on, I would like to talk about the BW series that I’ll be doing next month. I was really crossed between talking about mental illness or sex and sexuality. I think both are very important issues, equally important, because they are among the most stigmatized. However, I have chosen to go with sex and sexuality where we will be breaking down:

  • how sex and sexuality is perceived, exemplified and used in culture, entertainment and media
  • breaking away myths on sex, sexuality and gender
  • talking about how religion and society gets involved
  • intersection of racism and sex, rape, rape culture and slut shaming – and how sexism is bad for both men and women
  • the effects of internalized bigotry (racism, sexism, etc) and how that affects sex and sexuality
  • and much much more!

I felt this was an important topic to cover because, let’s face it, there is so much misinformation out there it is insane. If you’ve heard of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” or simply noticed that Steve Harvey and Tyrese have been allowed to talk on such subjects that they should stay the furthest from, you know that there’s a lot of misconceptions about sex and sexuality, especially in the Western world because of imperialism and centrist views, which then gets a layer of racism and other bigoted beliefs piled on top. A lot of people don’t know what counts as healthy relationship behavior, healthy sexual behavior or healthy attitudes towards both and, man, do they showcase that to the point of ultra-creepiness. If there are any folks who would like to ask questions about anything in regards to this subject, they can but we’re still going with my basic format of good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated so if you don’t like being made fun of, please ask a good question.

We’re also going to be doing a lot of intersection because how rape and general cultural disrespect affects White women is NOT how it effects everybody else so if anyone whines about how I’m not over obsessing over Gloria Steinem and Susan B. Anthony, note that I am more about Ella Baker and Ida B. Wells – and that this is not Feministing.

Alright if you want to submit for the next Ask Black Witch:

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And I shall skip asking derp questions since this filled up enough space and I wanna get to my new Deadpool and Miles Morales Spiderman comics.