Welcome to this month’s Ask Black Witch. Since there was a series last month, I’ll be answering the questions from last month first.

I recently heard of apotropaic magic, and the importance of mastering it before getting into more advanced type magik. I searched online for books and websites that could point me to some methods of apotropaic magik and had no luck. Could you share more about the topic would you please point me the direction of books and more resources. Thank you.

– Dizzybliss

So, I looked up apotropaic magic because yay rustiness. Apotropaic magick, folks, is basically magick to ward off evil, which is pretty basic. Think of the God’s Eye, knocking on wood or the Evil Eye. This handy dandy wiki page about apotropaic magick.

Because this is so basic, pretty much every book on magick has something about this, one reason people used magick over the years is to ward off evil, bad luck, bad times, just bad stuff all around. I already know for fact that every book I own on magick has a section on it and the history of it. I think the best book for you may be Amulets & Talismans for Beginners by Richard Webster (Webster is great for anything, he knows all, seemingly).

So there you have it. You might have made your search harder than it was.

How can I go about asking a person to cast a spell for me to get money to live very nice instead of living on 1,032 a month.

– Vicki R.

Create a very special job attracting amulet called a resume and a cover letter.

Unless this witch, wizard or high magician has a job opening for you that pays more than what you have, you’re pretty much wasting your time. Money doesn’t rain from the sky and considering the economy, unless you have a strong trade in a field desperately needing workers, you’re probably gonna struggle for a bit longer.

The most a spell could do for you is help put extra favor on your side when it comes to job interviews and that’s about it, the rest is all you. Look for tips on Ask a Manager, far more useful than a simple spell.

Hello I’m a girl from Lithuania – a country that I hate very very much. I’ll be 21 soon and I’ve done nothing with my life yet. Like nothing at all. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish that one last year in highschool. I think about suicide a lot. But the worst is when I think about my future. I see nothing. My psychiatrist asked me about what would make me happy, I told her and she said that my dreams are unrealistic. I have a borderline personality disorder and manic depression. I was hospitalized many times but nothing ever helped, so I think that it might not be a real problem. I’ve tried maditation, a little bit of magick, religion. But now I just feel tired all the time and I see no point of getting out of bed. What could help me? maybe some magick? I read books, it is very interesting for me. And women in my mothers side have interesting powers, if i can call it ”powers”. But also I’ve heard that those women are cursed, including me as well. Some of those had tragic lives. I want to ask what could be wrong with me and what should I do?

– Shirley H.

I’d say get a therapist but you already have a psychiatrist but they don’t sound so effective so get a different one if possible. You don’t want a sycophant for a shrink but one that will work with what you want to achieve (if it is indeed realistic, there are such things as unrealistic dreams, like if a 74 year old rocket engineer wants to be a world-renowned pop star despite not even knowing a single thing about music).

You’re suicidal and think your future is about as bleak as anything, magick won’t solve anything at this point. It may make you feel better but the reality is, you need to focus on your problems. You’re the most common denominator of your problems. If you didn’t do anything with your life, that’s on you, not the world. You could have volunteered, you could have learned new skills via the internet, you could have done whatever. It does suck having disorders – I have a laundry list of them myself – but it’s not like you were fully incapacitated unless you forgot to mention you’re in an abusive household. That’s life with a mental illness.

A personality disorder can be a ream of disorders, you should have been more specific because they’re not all the same. Bipolar can also be dealt with as well. Meditation is good – it’s great, actually – but don’t assume it’s going to help you perfectly heal because it won’t solve the problems, just help you manage them. And don’t dabble with magick, you need to talk to a decent therapist, not take a wack at the occult.

So to recap: Get a better therapist, try to be more proactive with your problems, keep meditating and feel free to read up on magick but hold off from doing any until you’re better.

So that is Ask Black Witch for this week! And oh! Due to unforeseen events, the karaoke event will be canceled! Sorry folks!