I know this email may come as very random to you. I found you online after doing a little searching. I wanted to ask if you would check out few pics of my friend.  I think they may be a witch but not sure how to ask the question. I think it may be an altar or potion or something.  I can explain more if needed.



The pictures, thankfully, weren’t of some raunchy images or overly weird stuff but of what actually does look legitimately like an altar – not necessarily a Witch’s altar, the person could be Wiccan or Pagan instead. I’m not showing the pics because I’ve the sneaking suspicion these were taken on the sly and thus not with permission or at least permission to be shown about.

Ok, so you have a friend and they’ve a really Witchy/Wiccan/Pagan-looking altar, now what? Well, there’s always the direct approach of saying, “Hey, so I noticed your table and its really fancy set up. It kinda looks like an altar of some sort. Are you Wiccan or Pagan by any chance?” You can clear the air faster and if the person thought s/he was fooling someone with her really obvious set up, s/he can be made aware that she should be more out in the open…given you didn’t happen upon this via sneaking about (you would be surprised how many people employ their sense of wonder and inquisitiveness at the wrong times).

Now, if they say yes – I really recommend the direct approach because that gets you the answer faster – don’t be judgmental, don’t become a super waterfall of questions (especially dimwitted ones) and if your friend is freaking out because you found out, try to allay their fears that they’re about to lose someone over their practice. One major reason Witches, Pagans and Wiccans alike don’t really announce who they are from rooftops is because of all the unnecessary blowback they, understandably, don’t want to get. People have outrageous responses to hearing that a friend/family/person-they-know practices magick or is some type of Pagan that usually range from “Bad to “Pretty Bad” to “Quite Catastrophic”. Instead, just be a good friend. If they want to talk about it, talk about it. If they admit and then want to drop the subject, then drop the subject. Just try not to make them feel like you’re going to get very weird on them and possibly dart out their life or turn them into the local laughing stock.

And don’t become suddenly paranoid that they’ll put a fix on you or anything mental like that. Life and magick doesn’t work that way.

If they deny, then just ask them to explain in detail exactly what it is that you are looking at and why you came to the conclusion – remember, in detail – of thinking that your friend was practicing magick. They have a legit altar setup with besom, chalice, bell and all so they should come clean but if they say it isn’t, then after you explain how you arrived to your conclusion, drop the subject.

So go on and talk to your friend. You may learn something new about them