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How did you find out you were a witch or pagan (sorry if i got it wrong)?
– NeNe


My name is Yanna. I would love to get on with more things about myself, but before anything else, can I start with a story?

I have had three dreams, one of these dreams escapes me now, but I remember the other two.

The first dream I had was of my mother. In this dream, she was pulling out snacks from a huge bin and passing them out to the neighborhood kids. This bin was so full of snacks of all kinds. I’m talking Rice Crispy Treats, chocolate granola bars, Welch Gummies, name it and it was all in there. I can still remember that dream so clearly today, would you like to know why? Well, a year or two later (after having that dream) my mother went out to Sams Club and bought boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes of snacks and she placed them in a bin. A large bin. And she kept this ‘snack’ bin in the kitchen always. You see my mother is very friendly (on the outside), and I’m saying this because maybe that had something to do with her always giving these snacks that she bought to the neighborhood kids. But anyways, yeah, my mom gave these snack to the neighborhood kids allllll the time. And it finally hit me one day, “YOOOOO I HAD A DREAM ABOUT THIS LIKE A YEAR AGO OMG.” and that’s when I started paying a little bit more attention to things like this.

The second dream was of a classmate. This was about 2 summers ago. In this dream, my class and I were in Language Arts. And everything was fine. and eerily silent since my class is never silent. My teachers is teaching and my classmates are listening until my classmate is pulled out of class. I watched her get up from her desk and walk outside into the hallway. I couldn’t hear and single thing that was being said, but I knew someone had died. I watched my classmate put her hands over her mouth before I woke up. Later on that day, I gave my classmates a call.

I said: “Hey, Nada, did anyone in your family die recently?”.

She responds: “Uhhhh, yeah, why you askin’?”.

I respond: “Oh no particular reason, I just had a dream last night that someone died in your family. I have a question.”

“What’s up?” she says.

“Was that person female?”


“Was she middle aged or older…?”

“Yeah…omg girl are you physic?”

“I just had a dream…” I respond.

Fast foreword to a month ago, I began doing research on… guessed it! Witchcraft! And in my studies I was led to two people, a Spiritual Nymph and you! A witch! With two things in common, both of you are in Baltimore (To be honest I’m not exactly sure where you live I’m just going based on your P.O. box) and black. Which is a win, win for me since I’m black and I live in Baltimore too. But I think we should get on to the actual reasoning of this email.

I kind of feel a bit guilty, because I am currently studying Spiritwork. And in order to study Spiritwork, I must trust my Spirits. But I have only known my Spirits for a month or so. Thus, leads me to your inbox!

Could my dreams have been something coincidental or something else…?

Do you have any good starting Wicca sources?

But anyway, uh, thanks for listening!
– Yanna S.

Seeking a black magic mentor

Dear Black Witch, Thank you for the cartomancy reading! I really appreciate it.

Before now I didn’t know that people could do cartomancy or tarot without being physically close to the person being read. Would you explain how you connect to people from so far away on your blog or in email? This divination was more detailed than I thought possible from accross the country!
– Kara

Alright, that’s Ask Black Witch for this month! I really enjoyed changing it up a bit, very cool indeed. Good Gods, though! I sound seriously Southern! I mean, I am from Maryland and that is a Southern state after all but geez.