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I heard Dee 1’s music at Lupe Fiasco’s show back in December. It stood out to me because it was actually interesting to listen to because it wasn’t the same usual stuff I hear rappers say. I think part of that has to do with the fact that he was a middle school teacher before being a rapper and that clearly affected him. I liked this one song that he performed that night, “Really Feel This”:

What I also noticed that in his music, he doesn’t curse nor say derogatory things about women, which definitely appears to happen more frequently in hip hop than rock, my home genre. This isn’t to say sexism doesn’t happen in rock but it is far more frequent and directed in hip hop, and usually at Black women so I’m a very tough customer when listening since I rarely hear anything different. At least in Rock, I don’t have to hear Buckcherry and Jet all the time, I can hear Paramore & Veruca Salt. It seems Hip hop wants to be a sausage fest almost on a Brony level so I find Dee-1 music to definitely stand out, which I really like. Listen to this track below, “Zero to Kilo”:

I really think Lupe made a very good call bringing Dee-1 on the tour.

Check Dee-1’s music out here:

Love! Love! Fighting!
This online manga is fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. I love it so much. The artistry is brilliant, the plot is both fantastic and funny and to top it off, it’s an interracial love story that is not White person/other person! I get so sick of that, it’s rare to see other parings of any type. (If you’re sick of it as well, I also recommend Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Miles Morales is Afro-Latino). Instead, this is a Black Woman/Asian Man pairing, which is the least common pairing seen. I like how the creator made the lead overweight because that not only provides an interesting dynamic of the main character and the world she’s in in a realistic manner, but also it’s finally someone who is not wafer thin and that is a very uncommon representation I want to see more of, plain and simple. The story is not written in a Koreaboo fashion either, which is dehumanizing and very objectifying. It’s just a really good story that is very well made and I enjoy reading.

The story starts with Oriana being stressed out from work and in sore need of a break so her cousin Krisa takes her on a trip that Oriana would never forget. To Korea to see her grandfather but because Krisa unknowingly entered her into a variety show to sponsor the trip!

Here are a couple  pages:

Love!Love! Fighting ex1

Love!Love! Fighting ex2

Here is where you can check out the manga in full online and even preorder a physical copy:
To Pre-Order a Physical Copy

Deino’s music videos are amazing, I love how creative they are and impacting as well. They’re based on the vocaloid software which carries the very famous vocaloid (a vocal android) Hatsune Miku, which is the focus of the majority of these videos (or at least her darker counterpart, Calne Ca, which he created). Here’s one of the first videos I’ve seen from him years ago, Machine Muzik:

I really love the creepy feel and the fast pace of the music, it’s really engaging.

Another video that I like is this one, which is very dark and creative, “Bacterial Contamination”. I really find the deformations, and corrupted imagery intriguing. It’s a major break from things that are saccharine cute, which can be annoying because that’s so one-dimensional.

Here’s his information if you want to see more of his works:
Vocaloid W[k] page

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