It’s time for The Arts! Sorry I missed a post previously, wasn’t feeling too good (and I got a copy of Tomb Raider >.>). I’m still working on improvement so The Arts! will be light.

Moses Supposes
This awesome animation video is amazing and very fun. It’s of a ghost girl and these two possessed shoes which create a fantastic, tap dancing feature based off the 1952 song. It’s really a great animation short film, watch below!

Rhythm Heaven Fever
This game I stumbled upon via my friend Tre playing it on Twitch. This is a vid of him playing (and he’s just doing it for fun so if there are any prolonged screens or selection picking, that’s why) and wow, it really does seem like a fun game (It’s for the WiiU if anyone else is also interested). I really like the mini game “Cheer Readers 2” (start at 10:50) because the beat is impeccable and catchy. The visuals are also stunning for the Cheer Readers. I also like “Hole in One 2” (starts 13:10) because of the cute beat. The whole game seems great.

Here’s a vid:

Watch live video from TWCflorkin on TwitchTV

In case you can’t see it, here is the link.

And that’s all for The Arts! for this week. Next week is Ask Black Witch. Send in your questions! Good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated! And I’ll double up on the questions since I couldn’t answer any in March due to the series. Get them in!