It is the fourth anniversary post of Black Witch. Yep, we’re going into the fifth year of BW. This means I have been around for quite a minute. Nearly half a decade. I’m just as surprised as you are. Don’t forget  Black Witch 4th anniversary Ustream vcast TONIGHT  at 10:00 PM EST!

I really never know what to say for these anniversary posts. I kinda wanna copy what Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man does but I don’t have Bruce Lee as the patron saint of my blog. I would elect Janelle Monae for that buuuuuuuut it just wouldn’t feel the same.

Fo’ years, ‘doe.

I am really surprised that this blog has gone this far. It’s nice but wow, I’m astonished I can come up with regular content weekly for four solid years (and the occasional filler posts for the times I can’t). Yeah, my timing could be a little better with posting, I’ve been plenty tardy this year but you try running a blog all by yourself and creating original materially regularly on a weekly basis. It’s no walk in the park. Bah humbug.

I think this is the year I parted ways officially with Afro-Punk and BW has been flying solo. This year had a lot going on, non-BW wise as well. I managed to lose my backstage pass after a Janelle Monae concert (I still mourn that), I took Lupe Fiasco to a museum for it’s Black superhero exhibit (tho I feel bad for making him walk steps because I didn’t know his knees were giving him problems), my big bow on my Putumayo dress got trampled and nearly thrown away at a Deep Cotton concert – and the fans thought I was stalking my friend Kellindo despite spending the whole day with him (fan mentality is weird). I have a drastic increase in smorkin labbits, including two Deadpools (a big one and blind box one). I just got a Pop Toy of Assassin’s Creed Aveline de Grandpere and she’s adorable.

For this upcoming year, I’m going to try to improve my real world footprint byyyyyyyy… speaking gigs! See that “Contact for Speaking Engagements” page above? You can fill that out if you want me to speak at your place/event/whatever. For now, I’m opening this up for the Mid-Atlantic region since I’m just starting out. Hit me up and let’s get something going!

Also I am revamping the donation center, look at the right of this site. In addition to the regular one-time donation (which can also be reoccurring payments), I’m using Patreon also for reoccurring payments! What’s Patreon? Here’s the difference:

Regular Donations: They’re a one-time donation. You can make them as many times as you like in whatever amount. They also can be reoccurring in whatever amount you would like and easy to cancel.

Patreon: It’s reoccurring donations which is a monthly, automatic donation where you can contribute anything between $1/post to $10/post. (For mathematical reference, I post roughly 4-5 posts a month). You can also stop payments any time you want.

This helps keep Black Witch up and running (as well as ad-free and multimedia capable), the cat fed annnnnnnnnd the writer of Black Witch fed. That would be me.