It’s The Arts!!!!

Well, The Arts! should have been last week but in the non-Black Witch world, I had a new job to begin and that took all my time (and energy). So today is a double feature. The Arts! now and Ask Black Witch a little later in the day (noon)

First, here is the Black Witch anniversary video (wow, took a whole month just about to just put this up. Never good)

Now, that is out of the way!

The TV Show
Directed by Sugimoto Kousuke, short film The TV Show is a fantastic and trippy film that looks into a series of events via various screens. It looks random at first but there really is a story that starts to create.

Johnny Express
This short film is amazing and funny. It’s about an intergalactic delivery man that is quite lazy but gets the job done. However, the recipient is a bit hard to find. Very hard to find.

High Tide
This mystical short, made by Kristin Kemper is about a stuck merboy that was discovered by a schoolgirl on her class trip to the ocean. Turns out, he would like more than to simply return to the sea. There’s an amazing surprise ending.

And that’s all for The Arts! for this month, Ask Black Witch is later today.