The Arts! will be short this month but I present to you, MisSpelled!

So a new online show is on the interwebs. It’s called MisSpelled and I really think it is a great show. Here is the first episode!

Much better than the dvd some random Pagan tried to shill to me years back with absolutely no diversity whatsoever.

What I like about MisSpelled is that it is an all-woman cast and mainly folks of pigment*. Not to mention, the body types are really refreshing to see, it’s nice to not see stick thin people running around for once. I wonder if they’ll bring on darker skinned characters but I also get it would be unfair to put all the bulk of pretty much everything on them since they’re just one group of creators. (If you make diverse Pagan media (As in, there are less than 2 White people in your media and they are only minor characters (The minor-est) or completely secondary) please throw it in my inbox via my “Contact Me” page)  I still would like darker skinned characters to show a wide diversity of skin tones, especially if the dark skinned person isn’t an evil character.

It’s a great show, I strongly recommend it. So far it makes the characters fleshed out and doesn’t hinge their show’s plot on a guy (with exception to the dead dude in the second episode – also it would be great to see some more diverse guys. The White boyfriend thing gets used eeeeeevvvvvveeeerrrrryyyyyywwwwwhhhhhheeeerrrreeee. How about Native American guy? A Latin guy? An Asian guy? A Black guy?). This all seems great, MisSpelled appears to be a very promising show. I usually don’t keep track of webshows but this seems to be worth looking into. I expect this show will improve itself and deliver on it’s very promising nature however the creators sees fit.

Pretty much, this is Pagan media that I want to see and feature. It’s widely diverse, actually has an all woman cast, even the body types are diverse. There is seriously no excuse besides bigotry in itself, regardless of whether it is subconscious or not, to not have a diverse cast or to have a diverse depiction of Witches. So watch the show, interact with the creators, check them out here:





Also, next week is Ask Black Witch! Send in questions! Remember, good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Send them in!

*Trying to phase out “minority” and I don’t really like “Person/People of Color” (altho, commonly used), so I’m going for “Person/People of Pigment” for a try.