No questions! I got no questions! That means I get free space to do whatever I want.

First of all, I want to direct your attention to this picture in regards to the Black Witch Fan Page on Facebook:

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Enable to stay up to date with all things Black Witch via Facebook, you have to select the “Get Notifications” bar. I know, it’s stupid but that’s Facebook for you.

I’ve really got nothing to say. I usually am prepared for ABW: Off Days but not today. Eh, I’m going to the Baltimore Book Festival this upcoming weekend. It’s going to be at the Inner Harbor instead of in Mt. Vernon. The Aquarium will have a tent…I want to pet a puffin. I will harass them for the puffin. The puffin is my goal.

Alright. Movie time! Yaaaaay!

Here’s some Edd’s World! I loved this series when I was younger and I still go back to watch it from time to time.

Yay! And starting October 1st, I will be starting Samhain Pickers. Stick around for more information.