Man, this site has been non active for a while. Not on purpose, simply because here’s the run down of what happened:

– Got triggered waaaay too much due to douchebag neighbor

– Due to douchebag landlord, my mother got thrown out of her home of 17 years

– Same douchebag landlord tried to get rid of me, so I had to break the lease and move (just so I can move again 6 months from now)

– Started new gig, one of the benefits is having access to lawyers – very good lawyers – so I’m dealing with douchebag landlady and douchebag neighbor via the courts (yay, I’m only 28 and I already have to sue someone! Seriously?)

Basically this is what happened, it wasn’t on purpose that BW haven’t posted for a while. I have been keeping up with the BW emails and tumblr so there’s that. That means I still had the same old stupid questions, some good questions and moronic White folks who think that I want to write for their publications because I’m Black and from Baltimore. I said it once, I’ll say it again: not interested in giving an “inside view” simply because they see what’s happening in my old neighborhood of Sandtown and think it’s another season of The Wire since, somehow in their eyes, HBO spelled backwards is PBS. Not interested in helping yuppies get clicks and awards for doing absolutely, positively nothing but being invasive, rude, drama-seeking, White saviorist, pillaging and thieving.

It sucks that the month I was basically out on was October, which means no Samhain Pickers for this year. I can remedy the vchat but it still won’t be the same, now would it? I still want to do something different because, hey, I’ve been gone for a while. I may propose to do a Watch Together or something since I wanted to do that for a while. If so, we’re going with National Treasure because I worked at the Library of Congress. However, I have been making new writings, I just haven’t been posting them until now.

Meh. Either way, I’m going to be back. Also, as a reminder, you can always put funds in the Black Witch till to prevent posting hiatuses like these. Huzzah.