I didn’t get any worthwhile questions this month so I’m taking the time to talk about Venmo on BW.


New thing alert! I switched from Ko-Fi to Venmo! This means that instead of seeing “Support Black Witch with Digital Coffee”, it is now “Support Black Witch with Venmo”. The change happened because a) ease of use b) more people have Venmo c) much more versatile. This means everything Ko-Fi related is gonna change in the sidebars and Venmo is going to be flouted a lot more.

Venmo is a much easier way for readers to donate fiscal support, for me to do transactions if I ever decide to open up for doing paid divination, natal charts, custom 3D printing or bookbinding for others, whatever. Life is made simpler. This also means that I will be changing the sidebar to account for this. Venmo uses QR codes so this makes life easy for me since I’ve already had QR codes on my blog for years.

This is what the new BW Venmo code looks like now:

Custom designed by me, ha! I’m super used to making these and it’s totally functional

This will now be in the sidebar and wherever appropriate.