Welcome back! I’ve been gone for a while! I mainly needed a break. During the time of my break I’ve been working on stuff (not all of it Black Witch focused) and even got a new 3D printer so I can make things to put in the BW Shoppe. Right now it’s full of book arts stuff like sewing cradles, awl guides, things like that. As time goes on, I’ll add more stuff. I’m also going to open it up for custom 3D printing service as well but that’s probably going to need a minute or two because there’s a lot to explain about 3D printing to those who never seen it in action (here’s a video of it in action). 3D Printing: It’s one step above watching paint dry). Either way, stuff is happening.

I’ve taken a break from a lot of BW social media (FB, Twitter and Tumblr) but that’s because it was wearing me out, frankly.

Not much has happened since I was on break, which was probably a good thing. I was pretty stressed so nothing really useful would have came from it.

That’s all for updates! I may do a livestream on FB later (possibly Saturday).

Here’s a sample print that I’ve been working on: