It’s ask black witch! This month, I’ve gotten a lot of “Help Me, Help Me” type questions. Remember everyone, I don’t do spell requests, paid spellwork, pay for pray or anything even remotely in that thinking. If you’re a dabbler, I’m not going to fix or make you a spell to do. Let’s get into it.

I apologize for the lack of information. Its a very sensitive matter and not sure how much information you needed. If never posted on sites. Would I be okay if I explain “in more detail” via email? Then I can explain the story behind the jar and the itchy palm

– Ceychelle R.

She sent me further detail but the long story extremely short is sort of a classic when it comes to dabblers in magick: middle of divorce/love they are with is falling out and fast, they ask universe to send them someone else, they meet someone who sweeps them off their feet – and married to someone else, get promised a million times for a million miles “I’mma divorce them and be all yours!” (The super classic for “how to maintain a sidepiece”), the eventually dejected person starts toying with negative magick because it seems the married person is doing one thing but saying another. And they think a side effect is an itchy palm, hence come to me.

Welp, this story is probably not gonna have a happy ending, frankly. The itchy palm might not reflect anything, it sounds like cogniative bias. And that cognative bias sounds borne from a guilty conscious (like, Lady Macbeth levels). This is why I tell people not to dabble. Besides the fact they run to anyone else to play clean-up crew, it is not always fruitful. Heartbreak sucks, it’s a real killer. But it happens. And dating someone who is married is always a bad idea. Even with magick involved – especially with magick involved. Acting on negative will to harm others because you aren’t getting what you want (and in the case of a married person, what you want isn’t even yours to start with) is just going to lead to other bad things. It would be one thing if it was an open relationship, but it isn’t. It’s cheating, you kinda reaped what you sowwed. It’s not you should never date again, you should just try avoiding non-single people extensively (including to the point you dump them point-blank when you discover their non-single status.) That may work out a bit better.

1st time talking no to a witch! I’ll keep it short. I talk to about 3 psychics and they all say the same thing. I wanted to see if you see the problem too. I supposedly have a negative block on me. Not cursed but they say by someone I guess a spell. I’ve worked with 3 spell casters and they tell me it didn’t work. Now I’m pissed for getting too obsessed about it. But there are too many things that have proven all the misfortune it’s just killing me. Your the expert, I’m tired of hearing about it and hearing from 3 spell casters telling me they’re sorry and referring me some where Elise. I cannot keep living this ay. I want it gone or confirmation from an expert if it’s real and how we gonna kill it. Sorry for taking so much time. My dob [redacted] if that matters. Looking forward to hearing from you

First, let’s note the chicanery:

1st time talking no to a witch!

I’ve worked with 3 spell casters

It isn’t the first time. It’s time number four and as I, a Chinese speaker, note this as the fourth time, it’s time to kill this issue off so he won’t bother others.*

This is what I can best describe as being a “psychic hypochondriac”. There is some block on the person somewhere and it’s creating a 583674 car pile-up in their life. Unless they can find someone to remove it.

Chances are stupidly good nothing is too out of place with this person’s life. Unless they are going through serious storms in life (that can’t be ruled out by other life circumstances) it can very well be nothing. It also can be fixed possibly by guided meditation, they work well with removing blockages (assuming one exists). Doesn’t run folks broke but works just as well.

I’am a male but have always felt I was the wrong sex. Is it possible to become possessed by a female spirit? I would want her to have full control and would welcome her gladly. This is very serious for me and I do seek and desire this. Can you please help me to gain this. I fully would submit to this possession. Thank You so much for your help.

-Roy R.

Why do I get questions like these? This person needs to see a doctor about being trans, not bother a stranger over the internet for services they say over and over that they don’t do. (Don’t bother me about spell requests, ever)

And why be posessed? That hardly turns out well, especially when done for superficial reasons. (Being trans is important, yes, but not to the spirit that you are pretty much planning to keep in attempted bondage because somehow buying binders and finding support groups is much harder.) Just see a doctor.

*In Chinese, the phonetic word for “four” is also “death”.