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Ask Black Witch

It’s this month’s Ask Black Witch! Before we get to the questions of this month let’s pick the winnahs of Samhain Pickers!

– Alice O.

– Taryn M.

– Erika B.

W00t! You all have been contacted and remember folks, Halloween chat is at 4:30 PM EST on Ustream! Now on with the questions!

I’m 13 years old (And Black) and I’m just coming out about being bisexual. I’ve been interested in magick and Paganism for awhile, but in between school and the other activities I do, I never have time to focus on this. I’m not afraid about me interest in Paganism but it’s not really accepted in my area, since i live in the bible belt. I brought it up once and I got in a very large argument that left me wondering, Is there anything against Bisexual people in the Paganism religion? Other than that, do you have tips, or sites, that I can use to further my investigation and study of this religion. It’s been on my mind since I was 8 and it’s never left, so I’m positive that I am serious about this, but if you were to look at the knowledge of this topic, it would seem like I didn’t care. Any help??

– IceBiFire

Here’s the fun part about Paganism and what sets us apart from Christianity: We don’t care about your sexuality. You can be gay, straight, bi, pan, asexual, demisexual, it doesn’t matter in this religion. As long as you’re not a raging jerk and understand consent, all is spiffy. If anything, folks will embrace you, you’ll probably have an easier time finding someone to date and other fun stuff as you explore your sexuality. If someone was being a homophobe or bi-phobic, they have far less ground to stand on in Paganism (nature is rife with examples of pretty much chucking all sexuality and gender norms in the trash, for one, and so does plenty of mythologies, for two) and it definitely would not get nearly a favorable audience as it would in some Christian circles, like the Bible Belt. Keep in mind tho that bigots can exist in any walk of life but you ought to run into them less in Paganism. Way less.

You can see useful information about Paganism all over Black Witch, just click Resources and Information but here’s a basic clump to get you started:

What is Paganism

God Checker

African American Wiccan Society – Yeah, it says Wiccans but it refers to all Pagans, there’s also a facebook group!

Mystick Wicks – a great forum to interact and meet with other Pagans

Then there’s the book I always recommend: Where to Park Your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy

Now, you’re a young person so that means I’m gonna link dump some useful information here. Here’s some tumblrs about being bisexual so you can navigate your feelings and experiences better

Bi’s of Colour – This is UK based but fantastic nonetheless. And they even have a phone number, I recommend Google Voice to call it for free.

QPOC – This tumblr operates as an asks blog (where people ask questions and get them answered) but has outstanding information I think you’ll benefit from. And you can still ask relationship questions here at Black Witch. Sometimes it gets a tad raunchy tho (not really but definitely not exactly age appropriate for young teens) but that’s what the scroll button is for.

Bisexual facts – Also an asks blog with tons of helpful advice!

And when you get into a relationship down the road of life, it’s important for you to be super informed so every relationship will be a happy one and you can recognize the bad ones before they get worse. And do not forget to build a relationship with yourself and know what you truly want, like and dislike before you want to have a relationship with another person. Take your time, get to know yourself first.

What a Healthy Relationship Looks Like – very important because a lot of people get confused on it, straight, gay, bi and otherwise. Everyone should be reading this.

Condoms and sex safety – this is for the future, the better informed you are, the happier you’ll be. You don’t have to click on it now if the idea of sex squicks you out – which is totally fine – just store this post for future use.

Bisexuality myths and realities – Since you live in the Bible belt, you will probably hear a ton of these, best know how to get them out of the way because they will be annoying. And here’s another. And anudda.

Don’t forget to find a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at your school or any physical place that serves as one if you can. You sound like you’re on the cusp to high school so there definitely should be one there.


Sorry, but I can’t seem to find your name on your website, but my name is Khadijah, and I am 17 yrs old, in high school, and I have always been interested with the supernatural. But, now I am starting to take an interest in Wicca. I’ve seen shows about it, movies, and even read books about it. But I can’t really find any non-fiction books that really explain what it is. So I was just wondering if you could sort of be my mentor? Or just someone who can quickly explain anything you know about it…

If you’re willing to help me, that would be so, so great. However, if you’re worried about my maturity level, you have nothing to worry about, because, I’m in challenging classes and have always been told I’m mature for my age. I’m just someone who would like to learn about a religion that is open and peaceful, rather than having to sit for hours in church to prove I believe in God.

It really would be wonderful if you could help me, but now I’ve realized I have written an essay for you, and am just going to let you think about it.



Black Witch is the name! I can’t be your mentor because I can be major derpy with time but you can always ask questions here on BW, that’s no problem. If you don’t want to wait for the end of the month to get answers to them, that’s what the BW Twitter and Tumblr is for. And for the movies and books that touch on subjects like Wicca and Paganism and Witchcraft, I highly recommend you take those with a grain of salt (a salt lick even) because they’re full of stereotypes. I always recommend Where to Park Your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy, it’s the book that got me started and is a great piece of writing.

Maturity is very useful in this faith because there’s a lot to learn and trust, the more you learn and understand, the happier everything becomes. Keeping an open mind is the best first step you can take. And you haven’t written an essay, I am known for sending friends honest blocks of texts a page or so long so no problem. Besides, I like reading so don’t be afraid to get in contact again.

Can you make me a mermaid?

– Vanessa

Since you actually wrote in a legible manner, I shall go easy on you.

I’d make you a mermaid but I’m all out of clay to do an ornament sized one but there’s a site that makes tons!

Hopefully you didn’t think I was gonna actually turn you into an actual mermaid? Lolz, not my thing and you most likely wouldn’t have been able to afford it, spells aren’t cheap and if I did pay for pray, I wouldn’t be either.

Remember folks, the Black Witch Ustream chat is on Halloween at 4:30 PM EST. Be there!

Ask Black Witch

It’s this month’s Ask Black Witch! Where readers ask me questions and I answer them! Huzzah! And, remember, it’s real easy to submit questions but beware: Good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated. Let’s hop to it!

I want to become a pagan, but I don’t know how to tell my family. They are serious Christians. But even worse, my mother used to be catholic. How do I go about this? Not only this, but I would like to know more before I completely consider becoming pagan.

What if I want to become a pagan, but I’m naturally violent, hurt, and angry? Like, I’m literally unable to let go. What happens then? Am I suddenly a “Dark Witch”? Will everything I do turn against me or go horribly wrong?

– SweetFire

Folks, this is what a really good question look like. Send more like these.

Sweetfire, I would say pick your battles wisely. Even I haven’t told every member in my family that I’m Pagan and I’m pretty open about my faith to the average person and been practicing for the past ten years. Some folks are really stuck in their ways and it’s up to you to decide to disturb that or not. I’ve learned that some people, even serious Christians, still have room to be open minded but you have to prod carefully around that.

This part depends solely on whether or not you live with them or not: If you do then just learn to be very cautious, you don’t want to risk food and home because someone couldn’t see past their own bigotry. If you don’t, it’s up to you on when and how you want to tell them. If you’re outed, you may have to put your foot down and give them the choice that either they can have their religious bigotry or have you but they can’t have both. As much as I would like to promise all will be happy, it wouldn’t be realistic. So get ready for tense moments, having to stand up for your beliefs (whatever they may be) and deal with a lot of broken record preaching as well as Olympic grade guilt tripping and some strained family ties. The only way you can be ready for that is to be studied up on your faith and explore various faiths as well to know truth from falsehood.

To be read up on this stuff, check out the Resources and Information tag here on Black Witch, especially the The Arts!: Samhain Editions because they list books and sites for you to read and visit and that should really help because right now you sound like you’re on the fence so just keep everything under your hat for now until things have solidified a little more.

If you’ve got a poor temper that you’ve a hard time to let go, I would recommend meditation and counseling. Doing meditation and more religious practice will help you through your personal problems and keep you from flying off the handle and counseling (I recommend doing a google search or going to Psychology Today to look for affordable therapists) to deal with your problems. I understand how a bad temper can rip through practice but your faith, regardless of whatever faith, is supposed to help reel that in. This is given that you are consistent in practice of whatever faith you choose to practice. Some of the books recommended – and I’ll always recommend Where To Park Your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy because that’s where I got my start and is a fantastic book – will have meditation techniques in there for you to use readily. You could even google search basic meditation techniques and use those. You won’t become some dark witch or anything, especially when you have your first dealings with karmic repercussions. It’s one thing if you’re evil by nature but it another to just have a temper like any other human being. As you keep practicing, you’ll probably find yourself calming down more as time goes on and your opinions/perspectives change so again, I recommend meditation and counseling. If you don’t truly want to be the ever-hexing witch (and you won’t, it’ll be too much trouble and energy) you fear, then you won’t be.

Me and my friends want to swap bodies, and I also want to swap bodies with this girl. However I know she won’t agree but I like her and want to learn about her so I can impress her. So do you have a voluntarily body swap spell for my friends and a non-voluntarily spell for the girl
– Mike

Oh geez, when I first saw this I first thought “Another body swap spell?” and then I saw the girl part. Dude, no. If you want to learn about someone, you get to know them the normal way: talking to them, chatting with them online, things like that, just like how you got to know your friend. Don’t worry about impressing her – besides, if she saw this, she probably would be super creeped out. If she doesn’t want you to get to know her, deal with it. Maybe you should learn communication skills instead of asking for spells – something I don’t give out on Black Witch. Besides, body swap or possession anything takes a great deal of learning in witchcraft as well as skill, something I can probably bet you don’t have at all. Magick is too advanced for you, especially what you’re asking for, stick with learning communication and stuff that doesn’t involve coercing people, no one wants to get to know or be impressed by potential creepers/psychos.

I have been reading for the past 10+ years on and off books like the power of the psalms, candle magick. I live in southern California and I have always looked for other black witches in the area with no luck in finding any. And my questions I have two, 1. I had a reading about 8 years ago and I was told I was a white witch under Christ rule is this possible? 2. I have lost, I will say power when I moved back to Callie. How can I get that back again? I come from a family that believes but won’t tell you anything and now days I am over 3000 miles away and I am the baby of the family and I do not won’t to lose the art is there any kind of way you can help me and point me in the direction of someone who want a student?
Blessed Be
– Gwenaveir

Eh, it sounds like you’re a Christian Witch – or at least a Christianity-influenced Witch – judging from the fact that you read and reference books like Power of the Psalms so I don’t see how it could really concern you on being a “white witch under Christ rule” since it sounds like you already are (this is ignoring the fact that there’s no real thing as a white or black magick – outside of colloquial description I would suppose – since magick is colored by intent and nothing is really pure on either side). I mean, it is completely possible to be a Christian Witch and if the Christian path/theology is right for you, go for it. Otherwise, you may want to spread your net to something less Abrahamic influenced if it bothers you that much.

I don’t think you lost power, just settling down after a move and hence still getting back into the swing of things. Just calm down, do what you did in the past to gather energy and it should come back, you and yourself is still settling from being one place to another, it’s going to take time.

The last part confused me somewhat, does your family practice magick but keeps it secret or something? What your family does, short of putting a fix on you or traumatizing you somehow, shouldn’t really have much bearing on your metaphysical practice. But you also mentioned that you’re the baby of the family so I guess you’re homesick and when amongst familiarity you thrive (which makes total sense because the mind is at ease) but all in all, it seems that you don’t really need to be a student of anyone because these are kinda issues you can still solve yourself through time and practice. I recommend you do that for a little bit, at least a few weeks, before throwing up an ad for student practice on WitchVox – but you can socialize with people on Mystic Wicks, which is just as good, if not better.

I am having very serious difficult times right now, as many are. Serious financial difficulties, a house in foreclosure, and a neighbour who has coveted my property for years, harassed me, and may now finally succeed in getting his hands on it. I have tried to meditate and perform an out of body experience, as I have always felt that might awaken the powers I believe that lie dormant within me, and give me some insight into what I can do to help myself, but I can’t seem to concentrate like I should be able to.

Can you give me some insight into how I can help myself?

Y’know, it sounds like you should stay in your body for a second and do some actual doing. Walking outside your body isn’t going to do much in helping you A)Keep your home and B) Making sure your neighbor doesn’t get it (granted, if they are) unless you plan on haunting said neighbor. I would work with some people who specialize in foreclosure to make sure that you’re losing your home fair and square, not as a result of banks being their usual evil selves. Then, if it’s true that you can’t keep your house, then prep for that because you’re going to have bigger problems in the near future than your neighbor trying to nab your home. And just because they wanted your property does not necessarily mean they will get it.

TL;DR: The powers you need to awaken are that of a lawyer. Do that.

That usually would be it for this month (I only answer up to three questions per ABW) but I looked at my Formstack account and noticed I missed a couple due to either my email filtering them out or something like that so let me get to a couple.

I want to know if werewolves are real
– Jaszmin

Usually I joke and such but upon thought, I think it can be considered a good question. I looked up the definition of a werewolf in my trusty book o’ knowledge The Watkins Dictionary of Magic and here’s what it said about werewolves:

Werewolf: In occult and folk belief, a person who can transform into the form of a wolf and eat human flesh. In other cultures, individuals are similarly believed to become other fierce animals, such as a jaguar or a tiger. Compare Vampire and see also Lycanthropy.

Alrighty, Lycanthropy it is!

Lycanthropy: From the Greek lukos, “wolf”, and anthropos, “man”, the belief among practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery that a human being may transform into a wolf. In Europe the wolf was traditionally regarded as the most ferocious animal, and in this regard the sorcerer capable of such transformation personified bestial power and terror – hence the many legends of the werewolf. The term is also used generally to describe the magical act of changing into any wild animal, for example a hyena or tiger, and there are examples of “leopard men” in Africa and “jackal men” in the Congo. Some legends relating to lycanthropy may have their origin in the psychedelicexperience, since it is now considered that hallucinatory witchcraft potions are responsible for the legend of witches travelling through the air to the witches’ Sabbath, riding on their broomsticks. Many shamans – some of whom use psychedelic sacraments – similarly believe themselves capable of self-transformation, and assume the form of a power animal.

Oh wait, there’s more. I looked up the history of lycanthropy on the internet and came across a couple good finds.

In “Lycanthropy – A History of the Werewolf”, written by Geffyb, explains that the werewolf was especially feared during the Middle Ages when wolves commonly attacked men unprovoked and thus thought of as evil men doing the work of the devil. There were various takes on the story of the werewolf and how one becomes such a thing. There’s mental illness, a punishment of God, or through satanic rituals. The method we all know and hear of so commonly comes from Italy, Germany and France and expresses that a man could become a werewolf if he slept outside on a particular Wednesday or Friday on a summer night with the full moon shining directly on his face.

In “Lycanthropy: Myth and Medical”, written by Jennifer Cruver-Plaza, she brings up the earliest mention of lycanthropy being in Metamorphoses, written by Ovid (43 BCE – 17 CE). Then there’s the medical condition Werewolf syndrome, congenital hypertrichosis, which has several various strains. Though the condition is rare, it has been documented in the sixth and seventh centuries through four generations within the Gonzales family where, Petrus Gonzales, his kids and their grandchild were called the Family of Ambras. The condition makes them dog faced. Then there’s a psychological disorder where patients act or believe that they are indeed animals and does not exactly remember what they did but believe they were possessed by something. And there’s being poisoned by a fungus called ergot of rye, called ergotism, which was particularly nasty.

And there you have it. So technically, they can be real but not exactly as media such as Twilight would like to picture it.

I’d answer the other missed ones but they’re lol-worthy so I’ll save them for a future Ask Black Witch: Off Day. Don’t let the fact I missed a couple discourage everyone else from using the Ask Black Witch Submission Form. Remember there are other ways to contact me, go to the Contact Me page to learn how!

I’ll be at the Baltimore Book Festival all this weekend so try and spot me! Plus, I will be at Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor 2 signing today at around 7 PM. Signing is from 6-8PM at Soundgarden in Baltimore, MD.

Ask Black Witch

It’s the end of another summer, and the end of another month. Here is this month’s Ask Black Witch. Now, there’s going to be an extra page on this website for Ask Black Witch submission questions because I feel that I get way too few. That’s later.

I do get one very common question however which is “How do I become a witch?”

Here are a couple variations on the question:

“How can I be a witch, I really want to.”

– Sara


“Will I became a witch” (I usually edit but the tense confusion made me laugh)

– Maalik

Now, first and foremost, if anyone wants to learn magick, please, for the love of the gods, please have better language skills. Both posters, though I am happy they read my blog, kinda had the writing skills that should be reserved for texting of a very young person (I edited the first one), if even that. When it comes to writing spells and performing them, something beyond a basic grasp of the English (or native) language is incredibly important. A lot of spell books and grimoires are written with very old English, French or simply in Latin due to various cultural perspectives of the times (for example, English was considered a lowly, commoner language so any script that was of any importance was written in Latin or French) so if you don’t have at least an intermediate grasp of the language you’re raised in, you’re pretty doomed in magick. This is for any form of magick because being a witch is a looooooot more than just the spells. You’ll be spending a lot of time reading so if your literacy is not up to par, it will be nothing but an uphill battle.

Of course, there are those who will possibly insinuate how a lot of folk magick was conducted by people who learned orally and did not read a book and, as a matter of fact, could not read themselves. That is very true, indeed. They didn’t need it very much however because those practitioners were already immersed the culture to pick it up as they lived, a culture that is very different from today. The average practitioner is not going to have access to someone that will pass on facts and information orally so books have come to replace that for the rudimentary information, which is a must to have. That also means putting oneself mentally in the shoes of the practitioners in the past so to better understand the information and practices done. Plus, poor writing usually makes me not take the scribbler seriously and I know I’m not the only one. You don’t have to be perfect in the King’s English, that’s not necessary, but at least get it somewhere past Squire so when you start running into other languages and dialects, they won’t be so challenging. Plus, don’t the gods and spirits you’ll be speaking to deserve more than shortened words, gravely mixed up tenses and misspellings?

Now that’s out the way, another way to be a Witch is to, well, be well read. There are so many different types of magick and cultures that breed them out there that it would be very wise to read up on as many things as possible. Better spells, stronger knowledge and more thorough workings come from being well read. You’ll be challenged a lot but it can be a good thing when taken with care. That does mean becoming well versed in the sciences both soft and hard (ex: psychology, biology, botany), as well as being versed in the humanities (social culture, history, literature, etc etc) because you do not want to be one without the other. Too much science and not enough humanities, you won’t understand magick at all in its cultural/human applications. Too much humanities and not enough science, you’ll not know how anything is done. You don’t want to be some know-it-all robot of a person and you don’t want to be some loopy tree hugger who likes to assume nature is always friendly. I’ve been around both types and geez are they equally useless on their own. And read good books, not dime-store drivel that promises you fame and fortune with the flick of a stick. There’s plenty listed here on Black Witch, click on the Resources category and some should pop up. Most of them are books, which mean you might have to go to the library or a university library, can’t trust the internet always.

Keep an open mind. Studying the occult does mean that you’re going to meet quite a variety of people from psions, psychics/diviners, magicians and of course your pseudo-intellectual posers, creepers and fluffy bunnies. That means you’re going to run into cultures that seem different, people that may sound crazy at first and just have experiences that just seem so wayward. No, studying the occult doesn’t mean you’re going to get kidnapped by some crazy Satanist out for a sacrifice – you might run into a Satanist, yes, just the worst thing about them is their over-inflated egos that could make Kanye West look like the picture definition of humility – you’re just going to start having interactions with people that are very much different from the norm sometimes. However, it is good to know when someone is bluffing, hence why it is good to be well read. That and keeping an open mind does not mean go completely stupid. If anyone has you trying to do unscrupulous things like doing drugs – regardless how “harmless” they think the drug is, just file that under “Druggie’s logic” -, committing crimes or simply doing things that you wouldn’t do otherwise, just get away as quickly as possible. You don’t have to become a stoner or a junkie to do magick, that is a big lie, and you don’t have to kill anything or anyone, nor do you have to commit undesired sexual acts. You can still be a normal, rational person that practices witchcraft and not do any of those things. Anyone who says otherwise is outright lying.

To be a Witch is to know and to know is to question – how else will you learn? Be inquisitive. Don’t be afraid to grill others who are trying to grill you unnecessarily and don’t lose a sense of wonder. Usually people with the best information and are the most helpful usually don’t try to pretend they are Garbanzo the Great, as if they have some deep secret the rest of the world does not know about. Unless they have some oral secret from a long ago forgotten tribe, culture or people (which, again, they wouldn’t exactly flag it as the main piece of their personality if it were true) whatever they know, you definitely can learn from someone else so keep that in mind when dealing with someone who is trying to play out their God complex. Question and wonder but know your limits too. That kind of leads to the next point which is this:

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Don’t let your mind or body go into tatters in pursuit in trying to communicate with the gods. There’s a difference in being clairaudient and simply hearing voices. Meditation is good and will keep you balanced but if you need to seek out help, go get it before it gets worse and puts a halt into everything, magickal or not. I have came across waaaaaaaay too many people who let their minds pretty much shatter because they confused their metaphysical practices with actual mental or emotional disturbances and thus refused to get help and their physical beings quickly followed. A person shouldn’t be getting into magick to serve as the band-aid to their personal problems because the root of those problems will still be there. Nothing is wrong with using magick to help manage personal problems such as being bullied or having a terrible run of misfortune but do not make the mistake in thinking that now you have magick on your side, life is going to be a total breeze. Actually, at times, it may increasingly complicate itself because of magick but that’s life, occasionally it works itself into tangles. No one said being a Witch would make life easier.

Remember, being a Witch doesn’t mean you have to be Pagan or Wiccan. You can be any religion you choose since witchcraft is a lifestyle, not a religion. And it’s up to you to decide who you share that fact with. And don’t do any spells for at least a year so you can learn all that you can and reduce any chance of major mistake. That’s pretty much it about becoming a Witch. If any readers think I missed anything, put it in the comments

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