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Ask Black Witch: Off Day

No questions this month so that leaves me open to talk about whatever. I’m feelin better, no more cold but I do have a lingering cough which is going away so yay!

Now, I have free space but I don’t feel like rambling about anything. I’ll answer some derp questions. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. I had a good time at Janelle Monae’s Inauguration Party earlier this week so I’mma do some music!

Here is some Deep Cotton, “We’re Far Enough from Heaven, Now We Can Freak Out”

And here is a song that Janelle Monae’s guitarist and my good friend Kellindo collab’d on, “Uhuru”, produced by Lance Powlis.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m not a party person but it was really fun!

I always abhorred how the BW shop would be ever so bare! Now it isn’t! Check out the various things I’ve made! Like any? Click the pic and get taken straight to the store!

Stone bracelets
I’m making stone bracelets in various styles (starting with wrapped bead bracelets because I think they’re nifty) and made a ton of amazonite bracelets. I also have sodalite but those will be added later. I really think that these are neat and fantastic.

Wrapped Cord Amazonite Bracelet

Wrapped Cord Bracelet - Blue

Amazonite wrapped bead bracelet

Here’s the thing about me and watches, I don’t like strapped down watches. It irks me and my skin so these are all drop down/charm watches. You already saw one above, the amazonite one (and trust, there will be more stone beaded watches) and here’s another below that uses a charm from one of the new mini lines, Wintry Mix.

Wintry Mix Watch Wintry Mix Watch, alt angle

The little charm on the end is a blue macaroon charm with a blue Swarovski crystal on its shell. It was fun making the macaroon.

Cupcake Necklaces
If you’ve seen pictures of me, you’ll notice I really love cupcake charms. Cupcake rings (which are coming soon), cupcake necklaces, they’re fantastic. These two are from the new mini lines, Wintry Mix and Wonder Witch

Wintry Mix Cupcake Necklace

I really love the marbling effect of the base! It was an accidental discovery but one I’m glad to make. I’m really hyped on the little ice cream scoop and how well it came out, the tinier they are, the more likely they are to turn out not so cool. With exception to the cupcake base, no molds are used so everything else is made with my hands and tools nearby. And look! Sprinkles! Trust me, they will stay in place.

Wonder Witch Cupcake Necklace

See, I made a deco cane because I’ve simply been trying to make deco canes because just my luck, there aren’t any with lightning bolts (BW logo) or any other design that I like. Which sucks because deco canes from scratch aren’t always easy. Getting frustrated with the bolt forever being misshapen and only a couple decent ones, I made other designs and that’s how Wonder Witch came about. There’s a marble effect on the base as well in black and white, a drip down effect, a peppermint swirl and cute little twists on the back.

Herbal Vial Necklaces
There’s only one now but expect more! The one currently in stock is a lavender filled vial necklace.

The vial is super durable and the cork is sealed very well so don’t worry about it falling apart on you when you’re running around.

Glowing things!
I have made glowing charms as part of the Glow Night mini line (There’s four of them: Wintry Mix, Wonder Witch, Sweet Fall and Glow Night) the one currently up for sale is the dollop bracelet.

This is so cool, look at what it does after being subjected to light

Glow Night Bracelet Glow

Rad, right?

These are some of the things that are in the shop. If you liked any of what you saw, click on the picture or section titles, it’ll take you straight to the proper page.

Now a word about the stone and herbal products: None of them are charmed or enchanted in any way, shape or form. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that since a Witch made them, they must be magickal somehow. Newp, they’re just things I made. If you would like to enchant them, feel free to purchase and do whatever you like when you get them.

Now go! Buy and be happy! And don’t forget to use the 25% coupon code ThankYou25. That’s going to last until after Dec 22. Use it!

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