You read the title folks, Black Witch is starting to open up for some scratch (because she could use some pesos). This is starting with the Black Witch shop which is operated through Zazzle so you can see my designs there in the form of mugs, magnets, mousepads and more. This shop will be updated consistently with new designs for you, the reader, to choose from and purchase. Right now everything is with the black and white logo but expect a wonderful ream of colors in the future, I’m just figuring everything out for now. And since I am figuring everything out for now, if there are issues, please contact me.

Right now, everything is produced by Zazzle but in the future, there will be a store (probably done through Etsy if nothing better catches my eye) of actual handmade products made by me from journals to cell phone charms to shirts to whatever else my sewing machine and crafting workstation can churn out. That I am aiming for around Samhain/Halloween but no later than Dec because guess what? Black Witch, the writer of this blog, will be moving to a new location so there will be actual space to handle whatever responsibilities maintaining a webshop for handicrafts shall bring. Since that place won’t have a kiln or a machine to churn out mousepads, the Zazzle shop will still be available then too in case you still want a Black Witch mug or mousepad.

So click through to the Black Witch Gift Shoppe (yep, renamed because it sounds cuter), buy stuff and be happy.

Oh and pre-order for the Black Witch book if you want as well.