Over the last few weeks, Black Witch hasn’t been running as swiftly as it usually does. Columns mistakenly get posted before they’re due and even the BW facebook fan page gets late postings. I can totally explain.

Welp, what happens is me rushing. Y’see, a blog may seem easy to maintain – you write and you post, the readers read and all is spiffy – but it really isn’t. Not when you’re the only person maintaining it. There’s making sure there’s no errors, working to port some columns over to Afro-Punk, keeping up with the stats, checking for new comments, responding to new comments, checking the email, planning the columns, schedule the columns and making sure WordPress doesn’t go crazy with re-formatting or Afro-Punk. Note I didn’t say, “Write the column” yet. This can seem like a full time job and the reality is Black Witch has a full time job (library assistant) and other full time commitments that fight for my time and there’s only so many hours, minutes and seconds in a day. That and I’m in the midst of moving to a new place and the internet being down where I am right now.

What this means is that I’ll work on a column waaaaaaay before it’s due and I might click “Update”, forgetting that I didn’t schedule the post, it goes up immediately. I note my error instantaneously, schedule it so it’s taken down till the proper time and I’m sure some readers get confused when they get an email saying Black Witch updated and are met with “I’m sorry, this post doesn’t exist”. Yeah, frustrating. So that’s why there’s been such amounts of derp over the past few weeks. It may be like this for a little while longer but I wanted to explain what been going on in case anyone has been wondering.


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