Now I’ve talked about Black Lolitas, let Black lolitas talk for themselves and all this good stuff. Now, I thought it would be pretty nice to showcase the Black Lolita (and some non-Black lolitas that I personally dig) blogosphere. Also, I thought this would be a fitting post to include all the stores that sell lolita – note, because Lolita is a fashion style from Japan and hence a lot of the clothes are from there and surrounding nations, a lot of stuff will be online stores unless otherwise noted – lolita accessories and anything else that would be found in the Lolita culture. If a store happens to be Black owned (ran by a Black person), I will note that as well.

Now! Let’s get this all underway! Granted not all these blogs are specifically lolita but definitely are part of the culture.

Black Lolita Blogs
Classical Rabbit – This is a Tumblr ran by a Black lolita, Summercello, that has tons of lolita pictures in all their glory. I know I always love looking at them and marveling at the dresses. This tumblr has a very good depiction of lolita as a whole.

Princessly Living – This blogger is actually a friend of mine and one of the first few blogs I have ever read written by a Black lolita. It’s really nice for those who don’t really like overly-princess-y and fluffy blogs like others I have read. However, right now she’s planning for marriage so there’s a few marriage posts for those who are interested.

AmaniKitty – A well known Black lolita in the Western lolita culture and Black lolita culture as well as a mod for the livejournal Black lolita community Lalolitas. She has a personal blog that’s very much well written and honest. Read her entry for this series

Shades of Lolita – A Tumblr dedicated to Black lolitas and other minority lolitas (I hate the term “Minority” and I also hate “____ of color”, we need a new term that doesn’t sound so condescending). I really like it because it’s nice to see Black lolitas all in one place, be it good, middle or bad, and in varying styles of lolita (and sometimes other offshoots such as Dolly Kei or Gal/Gyaru) culture.  Shades of Lolita has it all.

Fairy Chaos – A Black Brit lolita! It’s an adorable lolita blog filled with pictures, musings and happiness!  

Other Lolita Blogs
Hikaria/One Dessert, Please – Awesome and cute blog about deco, how-to’s and just all around interesting! Hikaria is no longer updated but the writer now has One Dessert, Please so check both out!

Alex Says It All – A blog that is fun, interesting and created by the noteworthy deco maker of Alice Deco. I love how the writing is done and the drawings too.

Ramble Rori/Geek Menina – Ms. Researcher of the lolita world. Need some stats for your papers or disserations? It’s all here! Also, so is interesting content, useful quips, pictures and more!

FYeah Lolita – One of the first lolita blogs and has a lot of good basic information such as how to tell good lace from bad lace and what makes a lolita a lolita.

Kawaii Frenzy – Great deco blog to learn all the basics! Hm, but the blog seems down though. That’s not good. I supplied a link to the Blog Lovin’ mirror of the site because it really is a very good blog.

Lolita Sites
EGL – International lolita community for everyone. It’s not exactly all sugar over there but a good place to start to see what’s going on in the mainstream lolita community and things like that. Every month you can submit art to be the community’s banner for a month and there are always themes and challenges rotating monthly. Also there’s great discussion and other communities that spring off from EGL, a few I will be naming here and all on livejournal.

LaLolitas – Black lolitas community on livejournal. This is where you can talk about issues about being Black in lolita (but read the rules: no incredible amounts of whining aloud. Yes you’re Black but no need to act like it’s a freakin’ cross to bear), as for hair and skin tips actually suited for Black girls in the fashion, talk about entertainers who emulate the fashion either poorly or perfectly (we’ve got a remarkable amount of Janelle Monae fans, we’ve pretty much latched on to her, said she’s EGA/dandy/ouji and called it a day). You can find it all here for Black lolitas.

Hello Lace – This is a good starting point for anyone who want to understand what lolita is. Originally I had Lolita on my site for “What is Lolita Fashion” but this one is more thorough. Also I love the clothes they have on the site to demonstrate what lolita fashion is.

Lolita Vids & Culture
These vids are funny, informative or just swept through the lolita community (such as Fits)

Kamikaze Girls – The very first full-length video featuring a lolita

Fits Gum Commercial – This was a competition to star in a Fits gum commercial, to emulate the dance and the most interesting won! There were a few lolita entries such as Lolita model and icon Misako Aoki

LoliGirls – A very good starter film about lolita. Click the link (WordPress is being obstinate)

State Of the Frills – One of the only videos that I could find that actually used a Black lolita as a central point (other vids may have at least a few seconds shot of one prancing about) and interviewed at that. It’s really well done and kept my attention easily.

I R Lolita – A weekly lolita comic of the cute and zany lives of lolitas. Updates every Saturday.

Lolita Stores
The main part of lolita, the stores where you can get your wares and become as pretty as your pockets will allow. Caution, a lot of the stores are very expensive (as you could guess if you saw Loli Girls and State of Frills) so I’ll be putting up some sewing books and Lolita books that can help. Also, unless otherwise noted, assume the stores I’ll be posting are in Japanese, which also means that the prices will be in the Japanese Yen (¥)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – One of the very first stores that sold exclusive lolita and still one of the top designers and sellers. They cover the gambit of lolita fashion from kuro to sweet and their dresses are very cute. If you’re in San Francisco, you can actually visit a physical store here. If you’re in NYC, BTSSB is coming to Lolita store, Tokyo Rebel.

Alice and the Pirates – An offshoot of Baby, they are more gothic or punk in feel. You can find clothing for pirate lolita, gothic lolita, basically the more darker or mature styles within the fashion. I actually own a dress from them, Masquerade Theater jumperskirt. It was pricy but very pretty.

Putumayo – My favorite brand of them all! Putumayo is a punk lolita brand with amazing cuts, screen prints and lovely accessories to pique any outfit, especially with their take on Alice in Wonderland.

Black Peace Now – Another brand much like Putumayo but more gothic in feel. They’re also fitting if you want to get into EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) and unique in their own flares as well. They also have a store in America!

Angelic Pretty – Just like BTSSB, one of the first lolita stores. They dominate the Sweet lolita culture with their bright and amazing prints that they’re known for. If you’re in San Francisco, you can visit a physical AP store here.

Bodyline – Yes, there are tooooooooons of lolita brand I could talk about but you can go to Hello Lace to see the full list, I now want to mention the not-so-expensive, actually-affordable lolita sites such as Bodyline. Bodyline you have to have a bit of a cautious eye for to make sure you don’t get something that’s a waste of money because it wasn’t your size, fabric or very poorly made. They have improved however so even the newest of newbs can shop there. However, do not sign up for their model contest, there’s been some unethical controversy swirling around that. This site can list prices in American dollars

Qutieland – Some may consider it overpriced but unless one can navigate the confusing world that is foreign language sites and working through shopping services, Quiteland could be a good starter.

Double Decker (English) – This is the spot for wooden rocking horse shoes (the alternative is foam, which bodyline sells and so does Zebrick) Caution if you have wide feet tho, you will have to stretch them out. I recommend making a solution 50% water, 50% alcohol and spraying the problem area of the shoe in and out and then stuffing it like nuts with balled up socks and leaving it overnight. Worked for me.

Lolita Accessories
What a lolita without swag for the swagger? Cupcake rings, fluffy stars hairpieces, hairbow and more, all that I’m about to list are original and handmade.

Paradise Rose – You’ve probably seen me with my cupcake rings in my videos or even in person. They are possible to make with clay and silicone but I love getting my rings from Paradise Rose. They’re affordable, cute and each and every one are unique. I’m into gothic lolita so I have a want for black cupcake rings and rings and necklaces that aren’t for sweet lolitas. Her rings last, have good weight to them and are adorable. But take note the rings can be uber weak at the base so what I do is actually pick it off and get some strong glue to put it back on sometimes. Be careful tho! The paint could come off too.

Strapya – If you’ve seen my phone, you know I have a lot of stuff hanging off it. A blue teddy bear (it’s actually J-Punk brand Algonquins mascot I got from Tokyo Rebel), a double scoop Hello Kitty ice cream cone and a huge exasperated usagi (rabbit) charm, all palm-sized as well as smaller charms that are just as cute. Strapya is a great place to buy from if you like little knick-knacks for your phone or even around the house (they have an adorable cat bank[link]), as well as deco kits[link] to decorate the body of your phone with.

DIY Lolita
Is this stuff too expensive for you but you want it anyways? Make it yourself! Here are some sites you can buy from and even a community to join as well as blogs to read!

DecoDen – LJ comm dedicated to learning and showing off any deco projects that you have. Great group for beginners, intermediates and experts alike

Sew_Loli – This is the place to stash all your lolita questions and answers. LJ Comm

3 Minute Lolita – A great way to learn how to grasp the basics of sewing!

Full Moon – Great for deco supplies

Strapya – Great for Sweet Deco supplies and any accessories you’d like! I love their cell charms!

I was asked by a reader to put up her stuff, a new sister style for Black Lolitas being the Debonair Style. This is how the reader Memette described it:

Similarly to how lolita was a response to ganguro, debonair makes an objective to respond to the American “ghetto girl” stereotype. Debonair is a fashion in the making that is slightly inspired by gothic lolita, aiming to utilize the same concept of bouffant skirts and dresses. However it resembles the air of a 1950’s vintage “jazz princess” rather than a childlike Edwardian lolita. Debonair aims to portrays the image of a modest, elegant young woman; with lacy gloves,  classy African batik fabrics, detachable neck collars, and fascinator hats. Hairstyles are typically braidouts with thick lolita bangs in the front; achievable with either natural or relaxed hair.”
~ Memette
An example of the Debonair style would be this:

Memette is trying to get up a facebook page but if you want to get in touch with her, her email is memette03 [remove space plz]

Of course, there’s more to Lolita than what I listed here but you’ll have to go to Hello Lace for that! And this concludes the series Black Diamonds and Pearls. Next week starts back up the normal Black Witch postings.