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Have you ever heard of Charles Cosimano AKA Uncle Chuckie? 

He is the reason I started to get in Psionics. Check out his E-Books. Does your application of psionics run parallel or at a vector?

Most of the tools I use are just Thought-forms. I love the boxes, don’t get me wrong, but the power and effect of a well used and well loved Thought-form is awesome. And they are so much more portable 🙂

– Shannon R.

I have heard of him, even seen a vid he’s done. I’m glad he got you into psionics but I see him as a bit of a creepy quack. Judging from his site, blog, e-books and vid, it sounds like he uses a lot of pseudo-science and, well, is pretty much a megalomaniac with a chip on his shoulder. I have never heard of psionics being applied in something parallel or at a vector, ever. I would suggest other psionic learning sites such as PsiPog and PsiOnline. They really should help you out, especially since PsiPog has an amazing guide (that is probably a bit dated but good nonetheless) on how to get started and refine what you got.

Thought-forms as described in the e-books sounds similar to psiballs and the use of constructs or charging. I strongly recommend you look at what PsiPog and PsiOnline have to offer.

Hey Im a African American an Im not Christian im a Luciferian an have a hard time finding a black female who understands me I mostly date white or Hispanics because of this if u are single an want to know more about me message me back I hope this email is not nonconceptional thanks

– Carlton W.

I didn’t know my site also doubled as my dating profile. Hopefully I can put a stopper to this type of letter by piecing apart where this is where the boy went wrong:

  • It doesn’t matter what religion you are if you’re trying to chat me up, you’ll look like an honest-to-God idiot by the end of the sentence anyways. Plus, I wouldn’t be into Luciferians anyways, never met one that wasn’t a Grade A douche – wait, no, that’s a lie. I met one and he was decent but that was it.
  • Attempting to chat me up. Lol, don’t be so stupid. I hate it when guys do that and Black guys seem to be serial offenders. It’s one thing when you actually get to know the person first – and just reading Black Witch isn’t sufficient, BW is a persona – and then ask em out (in a non-weirdo way) but  to just up and assume that women are Pokémon or something, eh, maybe it’s better going back to the drawing board. If you wouldn’t talk to a guy like that, don’t talk to me that way either.
  • You date Whites and Hispanics, care for a gold star? My main preference is Asians and Blacks, my ex is Indonesian. Dude, no one cares. If you can’t get Black girls for some reason or another, do you think the issue could be you? I know Luciferianism and Satanism is not widely known for introspection and positive self-improvement but it’s not a bad thing to try. There’s a bevy of reasons why you can’t get play from your own race but I’m sure it has more to do with you than simply them.
  • Please don’t ask me my dating status, I hate it when people do that too. Believe it or not, but it’s not important when initially meeting someone. I’ve never cared when talking to guys – oh hai, probably because I just wanted to be friends with them and that’s it. Dude, it just makes you sound uber desperate. So desperate, a person has no problem posting your letter up and dissecting it just to avoid more
  • If I want to get to know you more? Lol, judging from what you’ve already said, you don’t seem to have much to offer as a person. I think I’ll be happy with the guys and gals I already know who don’t depict their personality as if it came 10 a penny.

And for my guy readers who are prolly wondering how could it have been more successful, lemme answer that as well.

  • Drop the gendered responses: Stop talking to me like I’m a girl. It’s annoying as hell knowing some guy is sounding like a dimwit simply because I’m not a guy. I’m a person, try talking to me like one, it generally works. Yes, I know I’m a girl. I give too much of my money to Always and Advil companies to not know. But here’s the thing, I’m more than simply a girl. I do urban spelunking, I do martial arts, I make stuff, I like buying weapons, I have pretty strong opinions, I like comics and other things that have not a single thing to do with the fact that one of my organs have the ability to shed off its wall in the most painful way possible every month. Gendered responses make me think you must assume girls are this entirely different species, machines or something just as ridiculous and hence probably not worth my time talking to – but plenny o’ time to make incessant fun of.
  • Please don’t assume I’m an automatic dating potential. Dude, I could be a crazy schizoid ax murderer for all anyone knows. I also could be – which is far more likely – not interested. Plus, trying to jump straight to “Heeeeeeeey, you single?” Makes you sound desperate. Fleshlights have been invented, I heard they work pretty well. Or just make it fair and talk to guys like that. At least you’ll be an equal-opportunity street/e-harasser, making sure there’s enough loser to go around.
  • I like making friends with guys, that’s no biggie for me. I prefer having that choice, too. I know, women and their choices! Ugh, you could totally rob guys of their choices and they would never know. You know every single time in history where choices and injustices happened, it was always women who whined about that stuff. A guy could be sitting in Gitmo and he’d be happy as a fly on dung. – Yeah, I don’t believe that either. In my experience, robbing anyone of their choices usually leaves them pretty pissed. If you don’t believe me, ask a prison inmate how happy they are behind bars. Please assume that I’m not interested in you – a complete and total stranger – and you’ll probably fare better.
  • Be yourself. That’s no guarantee I’ll think of you of a romantic interest because that all depends on how I feel about you, not how you want me to feel about you. But hey, at least I may think you’re a decent person. Or not. Depends on what kind of person you are. And look! No having to try hard! If we don’t get along, that’s a wrap. Unless you beg and bug other guys to keep talking to you, you should know when to call it quits. If you do beg and bug other guys to keep talking to you, maybe you should invest in some self-esteem before someone considers you a pesky pestilence.
  • If a girl approaches you, please don’t make her regret it. She might be interested, she might not, don’t assume she is unless she says otherwise. For all you know, she’s just interested in conversing with another person (that’s you), and that’s it. Simple, I know. I’ve spoken to guys who thought for the simple fact I acknowledged their existence they believed I saw something special in them. How pathetic, lol. Occasionally I like to converse with people, it happens. I’m not looking for a boyfriend or anything, I just like regular chitchat.
  • Do you believe in the “Friendzone”? Maaaaaaaaybe you should rethink that. If you wanted something more, say something. This meme says it so well:

  • Whatever Steve Harvey/Chris Rock/Michael Baisden/any other Black comedian/voice personality has said? Ignore them. They seem to know as much about women as White people know about Black people. They suggest outdated tips, they’ve had poor relationships themselves that I don’t think they learn from and just…they’re just bad choices to listen to. It didn’t work for them and now they’re passing of their bad ideas off to you. They’re decent jokes sometimes, just very bad ideas all the time.

Yep. Just talk to the girl like she’s a human, it works. If she’s with attitude or annoyance, who cares? Not everyone likes to talk (I know I don’t sometimes, I’m fairly introverted) and considering street harassment and rape culture, she might be that moody because she wants to let you know from jump street she’s not interested since many guys seem to really lapse in the logic center when it comes to that. If she plays games, congrats, you have met a manipulative douchebag.  If you don’t treat every person you see as a potential dating subject, you never know, you might actually end up with one.


What the Lucifierian guy should have said:

“[Insert general question, personal opinion and other conversational stuff here]”

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