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Christmas Battle: KRS-One x Lupe Fiasco

Too cute! Found this on Mike Shinoda’s blog and now played it since BW has begun!


And here’s some omake: DMX singing “Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer”. I was waiting for one of these.

Rolling Jubilee

Being in debt sucks. Occupy has adopted a new strategy about this: buy up the debt and abolish it! Right now they have scratched off medical debts, credit card debts (I wonder when they’ll get to student debt) and decided to make many seasons bright for countless Americans. Please support them in their endeavors as they wipe countless slates clean.

Rolling Jubilee

Strike Debt


I have watched Eddworld for years, it’s a fantastic series! It’s truly a shame that the show’s creator, Edd Gould, has passed away due to leukemia. The last short he made was Space Case but he couldn’t complete part 2 fully due to his passing but his friends pulled it through

I have many personal favorites. I really liked “Matt Sucks”

They also make film shorts. The one I like most is “Ambulance”

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