It’s the last Ask Black Witch of 2012! Let’s hope in the next year, I’ll get even more questions! Let’s start!

Dear Black Witch, Is there any kind of sorcery that is good for combating depression or for good emotional health?
– Nigel P.

I had followed up with this email because it should be known that you don’t have to do magick or anything else of the occult to solve mental problems. Hey, even I have a therapist. The reader responded that he will be seeing a therapist soon and is reading Carlos Castaneda.

Now, I’m glad that he’s getting some therapy for his depression and to maintain his emotional and mental health but I rather him be more cautious on using any metaphysics to solve mental or emotional problems and this is for anyone. When dealing with mental issues, metaphysics should be dialed back some because it’s an easily frustrating and stressful field that can tax the mind. Depending on the severity of the mental issue, that should be the main focus because once that is at a stable level or done with, the metaphysics practice won’t complicate things. Practicing metaphysics is fine but when you have mental health problems, it’s important to treat it like a physical health problem. If you had a cold or a broken leg, you take time out to care for it, ditto with issues of the mind. It sucks but necessary.

While there is that, it is also important to have a good therapist that is actually going to help instead of being a money pit. A good therapist should accent your life and help you deal with your troubles in a way that benefits you. So if you don’t want medication to treat your problems, for example, your therapist should respect that. Your therapist should listen to you and if they show any bias that could conflict (such as you being Black and the therapist is White and simply showing it), move on to the next. There are therapists for every pay scale and regardless of whether or not you have insurance. I checked through Google by simply typing “therapist”, clicked “Maps” and went from there. I also looked on Psychology Today, Pagan Therapy and a couple other links Google provided. I’m on a sliding scale so I pay next to nothing for the therapy I receive and actually need. Don’t settle for one that doesn’t work with you or refuses to listen to you. And if their personal opinions seem to color how they treat you, leave.

What are your thoughts on offerings or lack thereof in rituals and spellwork?
– Terri B.

Hm, it doesn’t really bug me. I don’t, actually. When I got started into Paganism, I was a teen still under my parents’ roof so no physical offerings happening there and thus it stuck. I try to offer time and talent so that is kinda like an offering but no physical ones.

Are they unimportant? No, they can be very important and for some spirits and deities. And definitely read up on the various deities and if they absolutely need offerings or not to build a relationship. I choose not to, and it’s a possibility I could change in the future, but it doesn’t mean that others should go without if they actually want to. There are different ways to celebrate and communicate with a deity.

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