Firstly, I gotta say, I have been literally moved to tears multiple times when I saw how much you all were donating and buying my services (seems like natal charts are really popular!), I am incredibly touched to see how many people really cared about my well-being and keeping a roof over my head. To be honest, I thought I was going to get a lot of mean messages or just no response at all so I am very wowed at how you guys really helped out – and in a crappy economy, no less!

And y’all not the only ones! My therapist hipped me onto a one-time grant that also really helped a lot. So, here’s what has happened so far and the changes in development.

So, first I got my yellow letter of doom that was asking for $750. That was bad but so was the following thought: it was on top of June’s rent, which is $715, creating a total of a whopping $1,465. And I wasn’t the only one, my parent who lives in the same area as me (but not with me, I live by myself) got one, too. That’s not good. There were people who could help but they could only help really either me or my parent. So, I created the donation drive so that I could alleviate as much burden as I could so my parent could get the bulk of the help and honestly thought that was exactly what was gonna happen: I pay off the $750, get donations for the $715 as much as possible, my parent gets their help and hopefully things would look a little better for both me and my parent. And then my therapist told me about the grant, which then I thought that I’ll take the grant for the $715 (because the $750 should have been taken care of) and whatever money I raise will go straight to my parent to even further alleviate their rent load.

Then, an error occurred with my finances because, of course, why should things only be a little bad when they can get a whole lot worse? And on top of that, the finances will take about a month to iron out. So that gives me money for the $715 and nothing for the $750. Crap.

I was worried about telling everyone the change in plans of having to find $750 because that certainly isn’t a good look to go “Yeah, I want y’all to donate but instead for $715 like I originally said, it’s actually $750.” And then to have to probably do it again when I learned that the $750 magically turned into $777 – Oh, hai, since I brought that up, let’s go onto that part of the story, it’s a bona fide humdinger.

So I couldn’t pay when I thought I would so I contacted my landlord’s lawyer who then directed me to my landlord. I call up the landlord company, got the receptionist and mentioned that I’ll be paying on a different date (Friday) and they say, “Okay, that’ll be $777.”


I responded, “No, my sheet says ‘$750’. I’m paying before the 27th so there should be no fees or anything. That’s what the lawyer said.”

To which they respond, “Yeah, we didn’t have enough room on the sheet to include court costs so it isn’t on there but that’s what your total is, $777.”

So basically, if I or my parent (or anyone living in my complex and got a yellow sheet of doom) paid what was written on the sheet, they still would be considered paying short because of a fee that was never listed anywhere on the official sheet. The bottom line clearly said “$750”, not “$777”. A hidden fee that I didn’t know about and was never notified of, not even by the lawyer and only learned through the byways of just simply changing my pay date to another date that should not have affected my paying. I told my parent this, which sucks them even further of emergency funds that was supposed to be fettered out for other expenses. As you could guess, I’m not happy. Still am not because it is really deceitful and thus unfair.

So I kept the donating to $715 and decided to simply figure out a way to handle the additional bit. But now that what I had to raise money for was gonna end way sooner than what was originally planned, that’s why I had to end donating so soon. Again, I thank you guys for really stepping up and being there for me.

Here’s what you guys managed to raise: $441

The grant: $715

This together: $1,156

This is definitely the lion share of what my landlord wants me to fork up. I still have to hope for $336 going towards me but I hopefully I can get that handled and soon. And I’m working tightly with my parent to make sure they stay afloat.