If you haven’t read the previous BW post, please do so now.  Now, onward with The Arts! This month we’ll be focusing on games! All these games are free and totally fun to play! Game on!


This is quite the fun typing game. Usually typing games are simply races against the clock as you make the least mistakes possible but the problem is, is that it gets boring and repetitive after a while. How many times can you simply type some paragraph-long piece only to be dulled by it? This game reimagines typing not as a static, repetitive test but as a dynamic, ever-changing task that styles itself in a space shooter style. This makes the game fun and engaging, try it out!

Play Z-Type here

Nation States

Ever wanted to know what it was like to run a nation? Think you could do Obama’s job easy? Do you just want to rule the world? This game is for you! This game is a browser-based nation simulation game and hone a nation based on your political ideas and chose to be the fantastic world leader or a horrible tyrant. You can pick tax rates, government, even if your citizens have to join the military or not and of course, hearing the concerns of the people.

What’s really something about the concerns of the people is that they actually do ask you real noodle scratchers issues and present ideas from all sides. For example, if there was a drought, there would be the options of bring in water from elsewhere, holding severe restrictions, having scientists research what is going on because they claim global warming or just letting the nutty dude with the “End is Near” sign spearhead a combative campaign against drought and each option would have their possible perks and downfalls, which would ripple through your government. These results could be more drought, higher taxes, lower taxes, people complaining that money should be going to a better water system and not scientists or you may have to push through a “Ban the Sun,” campaign which people think are ridiculous. You get to feel like a leader because you actually are in this country … but you’ll also become everyone’s go-to for whining, bellyaching, complaining and fussin from serious issues to fluff issues. Like a real national leader!

Check out Nation States here!


I’ve always loved playing this game. From the engaging stages to the humorous taunts, this game was always a winner. The AI on the opposing players are fantastic and you can choose how strong it is. You can choose to play up to whoever gets five wins or less. It’s really an engaging game.

Try it out!

Well, I sure am tuckered out so we’re going to make the ending of this column short and sweet: Next week is Ask Black Witch and look! You can submit questions via the sidebar.