I am gonna have a jam packed weekend thanks to P.O.D. coming by tomorrow at Rams Head Live (and Artscape and a Straight Line Stitch show). I’ve been a fan of them for the past 11 years so this makes me very excited! As a result, I’m gonna completely get lazy on The Arts! and just post up P.O.D. related music. The hecticness will be over by Wed so don’t be afraid to ask a question for Ask Black Witch.

I really got started with P.O.D. back in 2002, I happened upon their “Sleeping Awake” music video in an air conditioned kiosk during Artscape. I was really blown away by the visuals and the fact that for once, I wasn’t staring at an all-White band. Mainly the visuals.

I really liked P.O.D. and they very easily became my favorite band ever. My favorite album is Brown, which is an acronym for “Believe, Receive, Obtain, Wisdom, Never die”. It’s a fantastic album, I highly recommend it.

My parents…weren’t so keen. Firstly, it’s rock and here comes the stereotype that I’m supposed to like on R&B and Hip hop or something is wrong with me and my Blackness. Then there’s the band’s name of Payable On Death. It’s the “Death” they had a problem with and wondered if I was listening to something Marylin Manson style. I managed to win them over (kinda) with P.O.D.’s convenient religiosity. They’re a bit more accepting of it now than when I was a teenager.

Dude, I really like the music video “Rock the Party (Off the Hook)” because of how lively it is.

Now, they came out with Murdered Love, which I absolutely love. Aw, man, it very much is a great album that has not overly changed in sound too sharply (a la Linkin Park*) but definitely evolved. A like from me on the album is definitely “Murdered Love”

And they just came out with a new music video for one of the gentler songs “Beautiful”.

So I’ll be enjoying myself listening to the band I’ve stuck with for nearly half my life at this point tomorrow (technically today since today is Friday). Huzzah.

Check em out!

* LP would be my other favorite band, sharing a spot with P.O.D., but doesn’t change the fact their sound changed drastically between Hybrid Theory to Living Things)