I’ve been busy, busy, busy this week. That means short films!

The Roper

I saw this at Artscape during their short films. It was very captivating for me and really cool to see a Black cowboy in action doing what he loves. The second song beginning with accordion is absolutely poppin, too.

Electronic Purgatory

If you have seen the Afro-Punk Documentary (and by the way, Afro-Punk Festival is this weekend. I won’t be there though), then you’ll love this. It’s about the Black rocker, the history of rock and why s/he does not receive the shine they deserve.


This fantastic animated short film is brilliantly made about how schooling does not exactly breed thinkers and intellectuals but can be more of a crushing institution that can apply enough pressure to make one pop.

That’s all for this week! Next week is Ask Black Witch! Remember, good questions are appreciate, bad questions are eviscerated!