What’s your question?: do you practice black magic? is it evil? would my soul be like damed if I started…. do I have to like sell my soul to satain? ino these questions sound blunt and stupid but I really no nothing about black magic only white… it jst kinder seems… uno… pointless to me

– Katie M.

Everyone, this is what a dumb question looks like. Remember, I’m a Black person that happens to practice magick. A little bit of reading would have done this person plenty good. Or just looking at my picture on my About Me page. And so would some better spelling and grammar skills.

Sell your soul to “satain”. It almost looks like you wrote “satin” there. Which would be then very odd if you sold your soul to a fabric. It keeps hair from breaking when you sleep and has many other uses besides that but it isn’t “sell your soul” worthy.

At least this person had the self-awareness to know that the question indeed sounds blunt and stupid. I don’t practice the left hand path, everyone. How many times do I have to say that? To practice any sort of magick, it is important to at least have reading comprehension skills. At least strong enough to tell the difference between a Black person and a person that practices black (read: left hand path) magick.

im Leshelle work for me and i will work for you prove to me that you work so that we can keep contact because i like you, prove to me that you work please come though for me alright i just want a handsome spanish man to be my sex partner to just go steady with sex and i want to act permantly like a rich womam.

basicaly i need to have sex.
my birthday is 0*-0*-19**

– Leshelle

Are you serious? Are you really freakin serious? What is with people wanting me to prove my worth to them and they couldn’t even write me a half way decently punctuated letter? And how vain could this person be? Vain, selfish and petty beyond belief. And thirsty like stuck on the planet mercury.

Look, if you need sex that bad, just buy a vibrator. Or find a sex worker. And you can already act like a rich person, you just have to dive deep into debt to keep up appearances. Seriously, don’t bother me. And I don’t need your birthday, that was redundant info.

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